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H&R Block / messed up our taxes

1 WinstonSalem, NC, United States Review updated:

H&R Block really messed up our taxes this year...3 times in a row to be exact and now my husband and I are uncertain if we will receive our refund or our stimulus checks. We started out on H&R blocks tax website and submitted our taxes. We printed out our copy which said "married filing jointly" but somehow the information sent to the IRS said "married filing separately". We had a printed copy stating we were due a refund yet the IRS had a copy stating my husband owed money because the of the mysterious "filing separately". Nobody cared that we had proof in the form of our printed copies. We contacted the IRS and they told us what we needed to do and the amendment that we needed to file. We called H&R block who "fixed" our taxes for free and argued with us that they could get us our money on time without filing the amendment. I argued that I wanted to do what the IRS had told me but the manager refused to listen claiming she knew what was best when it came to matters of taxes. Sure enough the IRS kicked out H&R's "fix". So they called us in yet again, printed out the same paperwork that had been rejected and told us it had to be mailed in...they still refused to complete the amendment that I demanded, and they smiled pushed us out the door and said "Let us know how everything works out and don't forget to make an appointment for next year".

How's it working out?! The IRS claims that they now have 3 claims for our taxes(all filed by H&R Block), it will take 90 days to delete one claim out and another 90 to delete the second claim out and then finally another 90 days to process the actual claim because they now have to audit my husband and I for suspicious tax behavior. My husband got laid off this year, I started nursing father has loaned us some money but we aren't doing so well and could really use our hard earned taxes from last year but unless the IRS can speed up the process we won't get our taxes back until January of 2009! Now we've discovered there is a hold on our stimulus/incentive check. Thanks H&R Block you have totally ruined our year, I now face having to drop out of college until next year because my scholarship doesn't cover full tuition, and you have caused me more stress and dismay than I can ever convey to you! I will never use H&R again and I would recommend to anyone out there reading my post PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF...DON"T USE H&R TAX SERVICE PERIOD, in store and online software=very risky, very bad idea. you might get good service and results for a few years, like my husband and I, but it's like playing a game of Russian roulette.

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  • Ha
      15th of Feb, 2009
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    I don't want to tell our married joint file story about H&R Block here in w Rancier Ave. Killeen Texas anymore. SO much dissapointments and frustration they caused us.
    "You've got people"?? Oh please...I will never ever do our tax with H&R block ever again. Fix your software problem first and file our state tax return before collecting the service fee coz your service SUCKSSSSS and the cost ain't worth it.

  • Mb
      5th of Jun, 2009
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    I have also had major problems with H&R Block, I took my taxes to them after they had already been messed up by Liberty. I told H&R that I would need someone who really knew what they were doing and the sat me down with a should be McDonalds employee that obviously was clueless and the assured me she had it handled, which she did not! 3 mo. later the IRS sent my return back to me incomplete! I am now going to loose everything because of H&R Block and they don't care a bit! All they can tell me is " well just come back in and we will try to get it right this time."

  • Jo
      21st of Feb, 2012
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    I have also benn a victim of H&R block by messing up my taxes. I went back to them after recieving an IRS letter. they made copies of the letter and told me to wait a couple of days so they report the error. After the days passed, I recieved a letter from H&R saying, Sorry for the inconvinience, and endorsed a check with the amount i paid, back to me. The problem here is that if they did not know how to do my taxes, they should have not touched them. Now I owe a bunch of money to the IRS for a stupid mistake they did. My wife was recieving unemployment from Puerto Rico and they put in some crazy numbers as taxes paid. The IRS told me that, the unemployment amount did not go in the taxes, so I got screwed by H&R block. I know for sure this wont happen again, beause I have learned my lesson by trusting a so called professional tax preparer. All the years I had filed had been through e-file bacause I was broke ans never had a problem, and the year I had some $$$, I went to H&R and got robbed. From now on i will stick to the way I was doing them (online).

  • Jo
      21st of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    You had luck my friend, and the main reason I went back to them was to get it fixed. They really did not give a crap my buddy, all they wanted was to charge me again to get them fixed. I was in the Army when this happened, and my W-2's were really simple to read. There was no compliceted income involved. I saw her face when she was confused and asking the other tax preparers about my wifes unemployment benefit (they were really confused about the Puerto Rico Unemployment Income) it looked like an Alien 1099-G to them, but I ignored it because, apparently they are the best. Now all they say to me is that this happened because I did not pay for there peace of mind thing, I was already paying alot of money at the time just to get them prepared. I wonder if the lady did this on purpose because I did not pay for her piece of mind thing. Im really happy though that the IRS is helping me resolve this issue right now by removing the wrong numbers that H&R Block put in. The only thing that H&R Block did right was sending the copies of my W-2's. I personnaly think that they gave me the wrong preparer, at the time I met the preparer, she smelled like straight up nicotine and that probably was a sign that I should have just waked away from them. The truth is that they really don't know anything, just the basics. I just found out my friend started working for them as a tax preparer, and OMG, his stories of working there are something else, so from an H&R Block employee and me, watch yourself because if you dont buy the piece of mind, it can hunt you back.

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