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In march of 2016 I took our taxes in. Marion tolliver, pickerington, ohio completed them. My husband has been a columbus fire fighter for over 20 years. We have never claimed meals. Mr. Tolliver claimed over $3, 367.00 in fire fighter meals on our taxes. He never asked me for any receipts or amount my husband spends on meals. He also never mentioned this claim.

The prior year on our 2014 taxes (Independent preparer) we claimed injury leave due to burns that my husband sustained in a fire. That amount was $3, 369.00.

If you notice there is only a $2.00 difference in the amount listed. Your company said they will cover tax and penalties

I disagree. They need to cover the entire amount of $1023.91. I have no idea where he got this information from. My husband works every 3rd day, 24hours. They put $10.00 into a "kitty" for lunch and dinner. The average amount he would spend in a year would be approximately $1100.00.

Your employee blatantly falsified our taxes.

No, I did not pay for "peace of mind". I was told by many people that h&r block are professional, trustworthy... I'm sorry, I disagree. I have been sent from one person to another trying to close this whole thing. Everyone I have spoke with, penelope love, shera skaggs, all said I had a case and mr. Tolliver was wrong in doing what he did.

Your company is hiding behind words of "peace of mind". I am not the one who lied or with held information. I can't with hold anything when i'm not asked about specifics, such like meals.

I hope we can finalize this soon. I sent a letter out today with a copy of the irs paper.

Nov 15, 2016
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      Jan 12, 2017

    Sorry to hear that you went through that. Those people who told you that weren't looking out for your best interests, or got blinded by Block. WHy class actions aren't going forward and nearly putting them out of business is beyond me. If enough of them happen, it may actually make them reputable again. Though I'm a once bitten, twice shy kind of guy. You don't get a second chance to fool me again like the first time. Hopefully you'll either prepare your taxes yourself, find a program or person to prepare them for you at a reasonable price, or go to a free tax clinic, who actually has better trained people than H&R Block.

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