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I cannot believe my stupidity for going to H&R Block. I ran out of time to file my taxes and went to them. Issues: Guy acted like he did not know what he was doing. Claims he has 600 hours in accounting but, no CPA degree, fired from the post office, ect. I could not believe w/ Itemized Deductions which were only 4 -- simple straight return, no Captiol Gains nor anything Special the fee was $317.00! I have always filed my taxes myself and will not be stupid enough to do this again next year. Don't know about anyone else but $317.00 is alot of money, there goes my overtime I worked this year. I am dreading whether anything w/ IRS or STATE was correct at this point, I just pray they filed correctly. Concerns me as well -- guy kept my check for the $317.00 altho said I would get it back -- something about electronic into my account -- something else I will have to check on. IRS IS NO LONGER USER FRIENDLY -- I DO NOT HAVE HOURS TO READ ALL THEIR CRAP AND NOW THIS W/ H&R Block -- $317.00 for a simple itemized return -- geesh I thought doctors were expensive but the just takes the cake!

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  • Ta
      3rd of Dec, 2012

    If you thought 2012 was bad, wait till you see what is coming.
    The U.S. tax code exceeds 5.6 million words.
    My advice is start reading, take the IRS exam and then get back to me on
    whether $317 is too much to charge.
    Don't be mislead into thinking that all CPAs are tax experts, they most certainly
    are not. CPAs are experts in preparing corporate financial statements.
    Some CPAs become competent in taxation, but rather than roll the dice and hope you get one that knows what is going on, save yourself some time and get an Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agents pass an IRS test (CPAs do not) and they are allowed to represent you in front of the IRS. Good Luck!

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  • Vi
      3rd of Feb, 2014

    I filed my taxes today at H&R Block and they charged me $280 just to put information in on the computer and they prices are outrageous what they charge customers just to do income taxes you can get your taxes done cheaper somewhere else then H&R Block this will be the last year that I get my taxes done at H&R Block because they're doing nothing but ripping customers off.

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