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My tax professional for best of both did not do her job she did not put my refund on the right account she did not change my address as I asked her to do which I have proof an email my refund was supposed to be issued to my bank on June 2nd but wherever it was issued it was sent back to IRS supposedly on June 3rd it is now January 6th and with all the crap I've had to deal with I still do not have my refund two days before Christmas I got a check in the mail $1, 000 less than what it's supposed to be well I go to cash the check and the check is bad now for 2 weeks I have been on the phone non-stop online non stop at office is non stop missing work with no electricity in my house because of this issue and I've still yet to get a straight answer or to have any money in my hand which is my money that they're drawing interest on I had to do a refund Trace through IRS and H&R Block I had to also change my address numerous times through the post office IRS and H&R Block made numerous complaints about my tax professional Galen Woodridge I do not recommend her for her to all the sudden just stopped answering my emails at all finally I get my change of address to do my refund Trace through H&R Block bofi Federal bank and the IRS I get the check in the mail and the check verification ID is not valid they can't find the check number they can't find even the checking account that it came from so after going to multiple offices to get there and they're closed by customer service Representatives or supervisors 6 cases opened on my situation and no supervisors call me back I finally get an email from one of them saying to go to the H&R Block nearest me and fill out a client check replacement form and fax it in and I should have my money the same day on my Emerald Card well four days later I've done what they told me too I still have no money they still did not tell me anything they tell me their systems are down or they will make me wait on hold for an hour and then they hang up on me they can't give me any information I've explained my situation to at least three dozen people I've even spoke to supervisors finally one called me back this morning and says no you can't fix that you have to we have to have that actual check in hand so she proceeded to give me the address and the address of the Kansas City address which I live in Kansas City so I tell her it will why can't I just bring it to you I really don't want to release his check out of my hand and took me six months to get it I just need my money which is my money not your money my money she said oh no it has to come through the pill box so I've go to the post office I paid $22 to have the best postal service areas and make sure that it gets there and somebody signs for it so needless to say I do not have my check in hand I did every things that they have told me to do plus their job and now I've had to send my check off to them so who knows if I will ever even get my money this is 2015 tax return return I've been doing my taxes through H&R Block for the last seven years and the service customer service their whole system is pretty much messed up so sitting here and Kansas City was snow on the ground and no electricity and no money and no answers I really don't know what to do now it's very aggravating and stressful and it's caused a lot of issues I was getting an apartment but I went and applied for when I first got my tax refund I put the deposit down on it and as soon as I got my refund which was supposed to be June 2nd then I would pay my first last month's rent and move in well I've lost my $695 deposit because I didn't have the money to move in and they are not entitled to give you your deposit back and they do not care of your situation so I'm still sitting in this house that I've been trying to move out of now has no electricity not to mention it was the other and the time that I've taken off work to deal with this issue now an extra $20 to pay for Express mail I'm starting to think that then drawing interest off of me is their plan and see how much more money it can cost me is it even been worth 6 months 7 months of stress now

Jan 9, 2017
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      12th of Jan, 2017

    Sorry to inform you of this, but yes, that is their plan. I worked there. Regrettably. I should know. As much money as they can drain from you, regardless if it's downright illegal, 100% will be done. You should look into either doing your taxes yourself, or if you fit the guidelines from the IRS, go to the VITA site of your neighborhood. You'll get taxes done free and professionally, with people like me and of higher caliber actually pulling as much time or more as one would from H&R Block. So you'll have professionals from these high & mighty financial firms volunteering there.

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