H&R Block / taxes 2016

Edmonton, AB, Canada
Contact information:

Subject: Charged too much for services rendered...$388.68
( 1 hour extra over billed)

Who: Charles Fung - Tax Professional
Where: Mill Woods Town Centre (MWTC) location
When: April 28, 2017

Details: On April 7, 2017 I (Ellison Saroop) went into H&R Block office in MWTC mall location to have tax 2016 returns done. Was not like before, where it was organized, this time there was no updates to my file. The gentleman in question that I was referred to from the reception was the Who in the above. He did not have a good grasp of the English language.
Nevertheless it was sufficient to understand. However when I was in his cubicle the phone rang twice it was his wife both times, he explain that they were planning a vacation.
This was the first time for me where I had to file taxes with a small portfolio of stocks. Not sure what I had to do. Regardless of this, Who informed me of what I needed to get to him. One week later I returned with the requested documents.
The following week I was in the mall I decided to check on the status of my taxes. When I saw Mr. Fung, he stated that he needed more tax data and it was an oversight on his part. He stated that he tried to call me with the numbers what was on file but could not get through. I had changed my home number previously but not my mobile. This ought to have done when first came in, the necessary updates. I guess it was not that urgent to him. Managed to get the required data to H&R Block by Sunday April 23, 2017, Charles Fung had the day off. Was back at the mall the following Friday to check and pay my debt.
Reasons to consider:
1) I thought he over charge me, my justification for this is he asked several times how the stocks were doing for me? He knew what the answer was before I did; I think he want to see my reaction. (-15 minutes)
2) The time it took to complete my taxes was longer than expected, my justification, the delayed, for this was for his incompetence, by not first having updated client demographically information. Do not assume that all the data is the same.
Firstly, when one accepts to do the job at hand one ought to get the entire client's information. For example one's contact numbers!!! (-15 minutes)
Secondly, the oversight on his part, there ought to be compensation for his mistake. (-30 minutes)
Total time -1 hour
I would like to be reimbursed 1 hour of the fees charged to me, if this request is reasonable, please forward to my home address:

Ellison B. Saroop
#216, 3425 19 St, NW
Edmonton, AB
T6T 2B5

May 3, 2017

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