H&R Blocktax year 2015

My name is Sandra Y Garcia Leonardo and my husband Jorge A. Leonardo. We went to the main H & R Block office in Bradenton Florida on Cortez back in July 2016. Wet gave them all of our paper work that needed to by filed for 2015 because another person who had been doing my taxes fell ill and could not do them. According to your office manager the other person had been doing them wrong and she was going to help us. We were at the office for 2 hours and she still was not done and said that we would have to pay. We have her our debit card info and we started to pay on a payment plan. We left to Michigan late July and returned in October 2016. While we were in Michigan we several calls to that same office and no one would ever get back to us. In October when we returned to Florida we went back and told them what was the issue. They had is waiting in the office in Bradenton the Cortez location for 2 hours while they went and searched for our document's. The old lady returned empty handed and did she could not find any thing that the person working on our taxes must have it on her desk but her desk was locked and she was out on sick leave. I asked to stop the payments from being charged and they did. She promised to call us when the other lady returned but we have never gotten a call or a response back. We have attempted many times to call after that but no one can help and always have me on hold for over 40 minutes. I used to live in Parrish but since November 2016 we moved to Wimauma FL and cannot go to the Cortez location as often as we were. I would like to take care of this matter as soon as possible before further legal action is taken because this will affect my husband and I with the I.R.S.

Jan 26, 2017

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