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Frank Cherry, Lismore Australia. Has been given all material and information to complete business activity statement for the last two years. These still not have been done after numerous complaints made by me. He keeps telling me it will be done. I have received warning letters and excessive fines from the ATO which I forwarded onto him. This has affected my and my husbands health. I gave him a cheque in the sum of $7000.00 to pay for sum of the fines 3 months ago but the ATO say they haven't received it. I have concerns that this is now stolen as he convinced me that the Chq should be made payable to him. I cannot believe I placed my trust in him. I cannot even get a mobile phone plan now because this has affected my credit rating. He should be disgusted in himself. I am going to be facing legal action brou

Jan 28, 2017

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