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I am an American living in the Netherlands. I have used the 2020 K St. NW Washington DC H&R Block to file my taxes for a few years, mainly online, but recently through a tax agent in the office. I am very unhappy with the service I received from the H&R Block tax agent and office manager of the 2020 K St. NW Washington DC office, Alfred Pinkett. It has taken over 2 months to file Federal and State tax returns, and the charges totaled $435.

I filed a complaint with H&R Block on March 18, 2012. I am also dissatisfied with the duration of the complaint investigation and results of the complaint process with H&R Block. It has taken over 3 weeks to come to "resolution." Further, I have no confidence my taxes have been done correctly nor any assurance they were reviewed by anyone other than Mr. Pinkett. Most amazing still, I must continue working with Mr. Pinkett to ensure my taxes are actually filed electronically.

Every aspect of this business transaction demonstrated negligence by H&R Block - from the first 2 weeks of Mr. Pinkett becoming my tax agent to "resolution" authorized by the district manager. No reason was provided to me. Over the past 2 months, Mr. Pinkett has been unresponsive, made errors in my tax returns, and did not provide information that I requested. He yelled at me over the phone when I questioned why it took over 2 months. It has taken H&R Block complaints department almost 3 weeks to have resolution to my official complaint (filed March 18, 2012), and the only resolution was a $100 coupon that the offending agent was responsible to enter into the system on my behalf (and still has not been applied to my account). I have no idea what other actions resulted from my complaint, if any.

I have documented every step of the business between Alfred Pinkett and myself through emails. I sent all those emails to Alfred Pinkett's district manager. The emails show I gave all the required tax information to Mr. Pinkett to file my taxes in the first week of February 2012; yet my taxes have were not completed until March 18, 2012 - and not filed as of April 7, 2012 because H&R Block did not resolve the matter in a timely fashion.

H&R Block 2020 K St. NW Washington DC 20006 should be ashamed that this happened and how it was handled, both by the tax agent in charge and the resolution department.

H&R Block should refund/negate the full cost of filing my taxes.

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      22nd of Jan, 2013

    That is rude. but I think I got one to top it. My husband went into an H&R Block office yesterday, (Monday, January 21st 2013) while he gave the tax "professional" our information she called him a cradle robber. My husband and I just got married in may of 2012 after 3 years of dating. We are in love. sure there is a significant age difference. but I was over the age of 18 when we started dating and obviously over the age of 18 when we got married. he didn't rob me of any innocence that I had not lost years prior. Also neither of us have credit or money so he is not my sugar daddy. he is my husband. I looked online and 99% of all references out there refer cradle robber to pedophiles. IM OUTRAGED! THEY UNLEASHED THE WRONG "GRAVE ROBBER" AS THEY WOULD ASSUME ME TO BE!
    Does anyone know of any laws that were violated in this situation? I really hope there is because I want to sue. I want to get that employee fired. Along with a whole list of other stuff that I don't think would be a good idea to reference in writing with my I.P. stamp referenced on logs.

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