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H&R Block / overcharge!

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On tues. jan 29th had my tax prepare in lynn mas 1040 ez form.To be told as my person was done, I should pay $149.20. I politely said, last year I paid for the same service only $89.00. She quickly pointed out, she used the wrong form, and she would go down to $120.00. I refused, told her i will never come back. And low behold we found another mistake, and my bill came to $91.00. What is wrong with does people, and i am not sure if she correctly did my taxe's either. Will never go back, consumer be aware.

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  • Ma
      13th of Feb, 2008
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    We paid almost $300 for our taxes to be prepared and filed by these idiots. We opted for the 8-15 day refund to be put on the Emerald Card... which was mailed to me a month or so ago. They "claim" that by putting your money on that card you will receive it quicker. Well, I went on the IRS website and it showed that our money was "scheduled" to be put onto the card on the 15th day. If my refund has been approved and released by the IRS, then why am I waiting until the last day to get my money? These people are liars and theives and should not be allowed to mislead the American People any longer.

  • My
      13th of Feb, 2008
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    Who is the idiot, if it says 8 to 15 days then it could take up to 15 days. Also who ever explained the process to you must not have explained it correctly. The cards are set up so that people who do not have a checking or savings account to direct deposit their refund in to have access to the card to use as a savings account that draws 4 % interest on the amount on the card. Also it makes it easier so u dont have to pay someone to cash your check, and you can have your payroll check direct deposited to the card. If you had questions you should have asked them when you had your taxes filed. Plus it is not H&R blocks fault, the irs did not pass all the tax laws til the middle of Jan so there were a lot of peoples stuff held up. Also there were other tax laws that did not pass til Feb 11th. If you want to complain about something then complain to the irs about the situation. The irs has to approve all tax returns before your money is put on the cards or direct deposited or you get a check printed for it to be legal, no matter what tax company you let do your taxes.

  • Co
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    Mystery Responder must work for HR Block. Clearly if you the statement you will see that she is not complaining about the card but HR Block. If the IRS already deposited her money what is the reason for the hold-up? HR Block has been doing these types of things for a while now, I am just glad that I am smart enough to know better. I havent use HR Block in three years and I plan to never go back to them.

  • Va
      19th of Feb, 2010
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    I just looked at our H & R Block fees, $389!! I think that is crazy! Especially since I just looked up what it costs to use Turbo Tax online and its a fraction. I dont get what the hell are we paying so much for?? I can input the same info online, what advantage do I have going to "professionals"? They didnt give me any tips or breaks that I couldnt do on my own. I will NEVER go to them again! Crooks! Im super pissed right now. Have you ever seen a breakdown of exactly what you are paying for? Cause I have no idea.

  • Ma
      10th of Feb, 2011
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    Don't pay even $89 to have someone fill out a 1040EZ!! There is nothing they or anyone can do on that form that will get you even a penny more in refunds, or a penny less owed if you've underpaid. It takes literally five minutes once you've done all the legwork of gathering up your W-2s and other info.
    Anything that would help you get more back or pay less would require at least a 1040, if not even more paperwork.

    Even if you think you need the money desperately, obviously you've all survived the ridiculous delays they've put you through, right? Which are much longer than if you'd just waited for the money to come to you unaided.

    File it on your own (it's free through H and R Block online for the 1040EZ); with direct deposit and it's in your account in 8-10 days, and you owe nobody anything related to it. Even a hard copy check will be in your hands in less than three weeks if you prefer not to do direct deposit for whatever reason.

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