H&R Block / it appears that you don't stand behind your product-here is your chance to convince me otherwise

Santa Fe, NM, US Review updated:

I am going to make this a very condensed version of my experience with h and r block.
You have been preparing my taxes for much of my adult life.
In 2014 you did them, I sent the irs my check and I thought all was well. I paid for them to be electronically submitted and for the piece of mind policy.

This year, about 4 months ago (2016) I started getting letters from the irs saying I had a bill for almost $8000 in penalties and interest for taxes that had not been submitted for 2014. After doing some digging I found out that the feds have my money, but no tax return to attached it to...
So I go in to my local h and r block for assistance. After looking at paperwork together the staff at hrb agreed the return had not been filed even though I had paid for you to do so and that the penalties and interest bill was yours to deal with per my purchase of the pom policy. Great.
Well, really, not so great. Your staff has not taken ownership of this and the manager in particular has been incredibly callous. I have been getting letters from the irs on a regular basis that have grown more aggressive. No word from hrb unless I called the office, only to be told not to worry; ignore the letters; that "you" had it under control. Please understand that this is a scary experience for any taxpayer. We are humans!!!
Today I got a certified letter from irs telling me that if the remaining bill is not paid by end of year, they will put a lien and begin seizing my assets.

So if you really look at these complaints you will have to call me and find out what is happening, then do the right thing.

Just know, it isn't good and I am not planning to let it go if the issue is not resolved as if you do care.

Best, carolyn

Dec 07, 2016
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      Jan 12, 2017

    Carolyn, a news flash for you. Backed by a thankfully ex-employee: Don't hold your breath. You're like an ant they won't care about if they squash. You're that insignificant. That being said, I do fully support whatever actions you're going to do, and I hope they have a measurable impact down the road. Godspeed and learn from this. Get your taxes done somewhere not Jackson Hewitt or Liberty Tax Services related.

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