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We did our taxes at H&R Block last month in Country Side, IL. 2/21/2017
The lady that did it was fast and efficient. She did a amazing job. Since my husband was not with me at the time we agreed to sign the copies later. I brought the signed copies the next day. left them at the front desk with specific instruction and the name of the lady that did them. Today we checked on the tax refund status and apparently it showed that we have not filled them.
We called and were not able to talk to a representative. Today we went to the office and the only they said was that they have miss placed the documents. First they could not find them.
After they did find they, they said they are sorry and that was that. I understand it is tax season and you are busy. But do not guarantee 100% tax refund in 21 days and don`t deliver. It takes more that I`m sorry.

Mar 24, 2017

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