H&R Blockemerald card

So far this card has been a disaster. I picked it because there is an ability to link it to a bank account.

Note: I'm computer literate. I'm not missing menus or not reading the help correctly.

So, I get logged in. Good.

To link a bank account, help tells me to:

"Go to the Transfer Money screen and select the Manage Your Linked Account tab. Then, enter your Routing Transit Number(RTN) and Account number twice and click Add Account."

Doesn't exist.

I make a long phone call to customer service. I have no problem with people who are not good with English, but it is clear that the customer service operator literally does not understand enough english to discuss the problem. His job is to listen for a keyword like "link my account" and then talk me through the menu. He isn't capable of understanding that I've already logged in. I log back out to another browser, and log back in, following his instructions.

When we get to the part where I don't have that menu, he realizes he's out of his depth and begs off the phone call promising to send me an email with steps to follow. I figure I'll give it a try, I've dealt with highly counter-intuitive sites before.

The email says:

"You can't beat the convenience of transferring funds from your checking account to your Emerald Card⁴. There's no cost to enroll and you can set up automatic transfers so that your money is there when you need it. Visit and look for the "My Linked Account" widget."

"Select "Manage Your Linked Account" tab and enter your external checking account information.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Kansas City, MOYou will receive two small deposits to your external account within two business days. Return to the "My Linked Accounts" widget and enter those 2 amounts in any order. This process has to be completed within 14 days or you'll have to start over. Once you have completed linking your external account, you can begin transferring funds to your Emerald Card. It will take 5 business days for the funds to be verified and transferred."
You guessed it of course. There is no "My Linked Account" There is no "Manage Your Linked Account" tab. I search the page for hidden links, etc. Nothing. It isn't there.
If you look carefully at the main page, the claim about linking to your bank account contains a footnote which says it won't be available to all customers. That's news that wasn't mentioned when I signed up.
That's probably the problem. I call Customer Service back.
This CSR has no more ability than the first to figure out what I am talking about, but he's quicker to figure out that he's completely out of his depth and does not have enough English to even understand what I am asking. Note that we deal with overseas CSRs a lot and I'm not terrible at stating things clearly and in simple terms.
He forwards me to his "supervisor."
I'm letting the phone ring just for fun. At 3 rings per second, it has run about 1800 times now. Are you surprised there is no answer.
There's no live chat feature, and the automated menus when you call are set up to *really* dissuade you from trying to reach an operator.
Basically you are NOT going to talk to a useful human here. There is no "customer service" outside of the help menus, and people who read the help menus to you. You're on your own.

Mar 22, 2017

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