H&R Block / charged by irs for mistake made by block employee-not my mistake!

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I had my taxes done by block north little rock arkansas 4/7/2015 as I usually do and later get a letter from the irs saying I owe them nearly 1500.00 for 2014 taxes. Well this can't be right because block did my taxes? I go to them to get the matter taken care of and am told because I didn't sign the peace of mind paper they can't do anything. I didn't sign it because they gave me a paper stating that they stand behind their work and guarantee their products and services. The employee did not include my social security on my taxes. I was filing three things that day: my father's death insurance, my pension and my social security. If I had not given the proper papers, or gave the wrong information, or had not come in with the papers, I could understand. However, I had given this (Person) everything she needed to take care of my taxes plus fees and now, block tells me they can't help or won't help by refunding me my 1500.00 and firing the employee. They attempted to send me my fees and my interest to make them feel better! Shame on you block! This is how you treat a customer and a former block employee! Shame on you! If 1500.00 is going to bankrupt you then "please" go out of business! Mary thrower

Jun 29, 2016
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      Jan 12, 2017

    The headline alone made me skip to here. The rest was going to be an old story that still pains me no matter how many times I see it. It doesn't matter if you bought Peace of Mind or not. They will make mistakes, 90% of the time on purpose, because the compensation structure actually favors it. And you'll suffer. I hope this is the last time you'll go there and you have access to either an online tax program that's reputable or VITA, a free tax prep site with conditions. One huge condition to get out of the way: Single: $20, 000, all other filing status: $50, 000. Above that, can't have VITA. Hope you're helped by this.

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