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Milwaukee, WI, United States
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In October, I contacted HR Block for assistance with an inquiry on my 2015 taxes that was filed online with HR Block Premium. I was informed that you cant help me until it becomes an audit.

I was unable to gather all the specifics that the Wisconsin Dept of Revenue needed in time as some of the bank accounts were closed and required more time for the financial institution to recover. The Wisc Dept of Revenue changed it from an inquiry to an audit. I was NOT informed that if I am unable to comply with an inquiry that you HR Block cannot assist with the audit. I don't find this information in writing either. I was told HR Block has nothing to do with an inquiry and they CANNOT assist in any way.

Also, when I filed the case with HR Block, I was told also that I can file my claim with out paying the penalty, however I would be responsible for any additional interest that accrues.

Dear Ethel,

Thank you for sending us information in regard to your Accuracy of Calculations Guarantee claim. We received your mail/fax/email in regard to your claim.

In order to qualify for an Accuracy of Calculations Guarantee claim there are conditions that must be met.

Based on the Accuracy of Calculations Guarantee, your claim does not qualify due to the following:

* Proof of payment for penalty and/or interest to . Refer to Section A, paragraph 1 and, Section B2 as shown in the link provided below.

* Claim must be filed within the 30 days of notice from tax authority as shown in the link provided below.

* The penalty or interest pertains only to your individual tax return and not a business return per Section B5 as shown in link provided below.

This is not correct as the inquiry has nothing to do with the audit and I was unable to obtain all of the info in time. Please review and assist.

Jan 20, 2017

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