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H&R Block / beware of hidden cost

1 United States

We just had our taxes done at H&R Block. Was totally surprised at the total cost of having them done. $418.00 for an Itemized tax return.

I normally do my taxes on Turbo Tax, runs me about 90.00 to file and works really well. This year for some reason I was getting an error on the program and couldn't get it to work. So we decided to get them done at H&R, they advertise for 39.95 Federal and 29.95 for state on the EZ form. So that is what we planned to do.

Took our taxes in, they ended up itemizing them, said it would benefit us to do so we would get more of a return.

Well that was true in a way, we got more back, but then they took half of it to pay for the preparation of our taxes.

When did tax prep become so expensive? I remember when I had them done when I had a business and it only cost me around 100.00, but 418.00 for something I could have done in Turbo Tax for 90.00 cost us 418.00 for them to do them. So of course when you are stuck with that kind of bill, they take it from your refund, so it goes to there bank first then to yours. So I figure it will take a long while to get what's left of our refund of $601.00. WOW!! They have quite a little scam going don't they? They get half your refund just for doing yourtaxes.


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