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Hp Pavillion M9300t / total stupidity and lack of response from total care & less & support

1 United States

I purchased a new HP Pavillion desktop on 9/27/08 and it was working perfectly for teh first 2 months. Then the graphics card started making loud noises and eventually went out. I called the support hotline since it was still under warranty. They agree to setup an exchange swap at no cost for a new graphics card. I just had to provide them my credit card to guarantee that I returned the defective part. This is when I should have known soemthing was wrong.

They shipped me a replacement card near the end of November. I replaced the card and placed the defective card into their own return box and then dropped it off with FEDEX. I received an email early this month that HP still had not received it. I tracked down the package and it was found in the lost and found at FEDEX and they shipped it next day to HP. I called and confirmed they received it and they acknowledged on the phone it was received and they stated that I was not going to be charged for the replacement since they had received the product as agreed.

But 2 weeks later, I get charged for $350 to pay for the card. This is where their "total care" becomes "TOTAL CARE-LESS". When I called tech support to ask for a refund on this incorrect charge, After 30 minutes of transfers and on-hold music, I was finally given a phone number to call, it was a wrong number. Then I called back and waited another 30 minutes to be given a number to their online ordering system, which was again a dead end. I then called a third time and again waited another 30 minutes to get to a very polite outsourced foreign speaking customer service rep. I explained my problem for the third time, giving them all the exact same information as the last.

Getting a refund on this "bogus" charge was my objective, but their goals seemed to be, to repeat over and over my problem. Escalating the problem each time to a different supervisor and me repeating the same process over again of giving them my name, S/N and explaining the problem again. This was the 5th time on the same hour long call, to a person that speaks very little English and certainly has no concern about getting me a refund. Finally after a total of 3 hours on the phone, I get to talk to an English speaking case supervisor, who immediately was able to get a refund and said he didn't know why it was billed because it was obviously received weeks ago.

The refund took 1 week to show up in my bank account. Should've bought the DELL computer is my only solution to this complaint. I will not ever recommend this company ever again.


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