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HP Pavilion Desktop Computer / HP Total Care / true story about terrible hp service and products!

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Dear HP and Interested Others:

This is a true story about an HP Pavilion desktop computer and HP Total Care, a J.D. Power and Associates Technology Service and Support Center.

My HP Pavilion desktop was purchased new on January 6, 2007. Approximately ten days after purchase, the hard drive failed and the operating system (Windows XP Entertainment Center 2005) would not load.

I contacted the HP customer service team several times before it was decided that my hard drive had failed and needed to be replaced. Approximately five days after this decision, I received a new hard drive via federal express and a second federal express package containing operating system recovery disks (no recovery disks came with the original PC.) The pictorial instruction sheet for replacing the hard drive was for a different computer, but I nevertheless was able to successfully replace the hard drive after an hour or so of effort. The operating system recovery disks are proving more difficult.

Three disks are necessary to rebuild the operating system. Two disks are for the XP operating system and these loaded slowly, but without problem. The third disk is clearly labeled Compaq Presario Supplemental Recovery disk and contains the following warning printed on the CD, "This CD can be used ONLY with a Compaq PC." I became suspicious when I read this warning, but thought that maybe HP was simply cutting corners to save money and using a sister company's product. After approximately 12 hours of attempting to finalize the rebuild of the operating system, an HP customer service representative determined that I was using the wrong recovery disk and promised to send new ones.

Four days have passed and I still have not received the correct operating system recovery disks. I have called the HP help center three times this morning and I estimate ten to fifteen times during the course of this problem.

During this morning's first call, I waited for approximately fifteen minutes in the automated answering system without talking to a human being. Then, I was silently disconnected.

During this morning's second call, I spent about fifteen minutes on hold before speaking with a nice person and asking him about the status of the replacement recovery disks. He gave me a federal express tracking number and, after the phone call, I went to the federal express website and found that the tracking number was for the first shipment of incorrect recovery disks.

As I type this message, I am on hold in the HP automated attendant answering system for a third time this morning waiting for a live human being to talk to me. Altogether, I have wasted about 45 minutes on hold this morning. Great news! A human being just answered. After taking my name, case number, model number, e-mail address, and all the other requisite information for the umpteenth time, I am now on hold once again as he seeks to find out the status and location of the replacement recovery disks. Meanwhile, I sit here typing on my old Dell Computer with a phone to my left ear waiting for the nice guy at HP Total Care to return to the telephone.

It seems like an hour has gone by, but its probably only five minutes or so. He's back, but he needs to transfer this call to a hardware specialist, and I am on hold once more. I take a quick trip to the bathroom with the wireless phone still at my ear, and when I pass the medicine cabinet, I recall that I had a physical examination yesterday and my doctor prescribed Benicar for high blood pressure. I wonder, is there a connection between my needing Benicar and my experiences with HP Total Care, a J.D. Power and Associates Technology Service and Support Center? I think my blood pressure is probably higher now than it was an hour and fifteen minutes ago, when I started trying to get help from HP.

A nice hardware specialist just answered the telephone. Apparently, HP never sent the replacement CDs. He promises they will be here by January 30 and gives me an order number for tracking purposes. I will wait and continue taking my medicine. Meanwhile, I have spent over one thousand dollars and fifty to sixty hours setting up and trying to repair my new HP Pavilion a1640n desktop computer. I lost all my work product generated during the ten short days that my computer worked before the hard drive crashed. And I am unconvinced that HP totally cares.

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  • Jb
      13th of Mar, 2007
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    Hopefully, you bought your new computer at Costco. They will take it back.

    I bought a new HP Computer with Vista Premium on 30 Jan 2007, the Vista release date. To cut a long story short, I have spent more than 20 hours trying to get help from the warranty line. It is answered by call centers in India. They have not yet heard of Vista, they pass me from one tech to the next who still knows nothing, they complain that the connection is poor and they can't hear me, I am repeatedly cut off. They give me terrible advice ie "take off the side panel and unplug your hard have a loose connection.."

    Some of them are hard to understand because their English is so poor. I wait on hold for 2 hours at a time then am cut off. Yesterday I was on the line for over 11 hours trying to get help and got cut off after hours and hours of waiting. I have never had any problems resolved through these call centers. So I try to use the chat instant messenger help. I easily connect with their tech support but never, after more than 20 attempts, have I ever gotten a problem resolved. All they have done is say please wait while I research your issue. Some of them come back and parrot or give a link to a page of HP help I have already discovered and tried. This goat-roping has gone on for almost 6 weeks. I have had enough.

    Where can I go to get real American tech support? Dell computers maybe?

    See you soon Costco. I am taking it back.

  • Em
      25th of Mar, 2007
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    HP soooo doesn't totally care.

    I owned my Compaq PreSORRYio for 9 months when the hard drive burned for no reason and left a foul stench in the computer room.

    I had a friend who builds computers come to check it out, and we saw that there was a big puff of black smoke on the hard drive bracket inside the computer and a black chip on the hard drive was melted in two places.

    I called Total Care and was on hold for 15 minutes without having spoken to a human being when I accidentally hung up. I immediately called back and spoke to a human being after waiting for about 35 minutes.

    I then spent the next 15 minutes trying to get through the support technician's skull that I physically saw with my own set of eyeballs that it was in fact the hard drive that had burned and not the cable. He would not believe me until I finally told him that I had a friend who builds computers come over to look at the hard drive.

    So I sent the PreSORRYio in. Got it back pretty quickly. So quickly that the computer was not fully reassembled and the computer was returned damaged!

    After unwrapping my computer, I saw that there was a gaping hole where the power supply should be attached. The power supply was not screwed on AT ALL and was sitting at an angle, deep inside the computer. Because part of the power supply was protruding out of the side of the computer, the idiot technician could not fully close the computer case and decided to just BEND THE CASE and forcefully screw it back on since it couldn't close all the way with the power supply hanging out.

    There are deep scratches inside the computer where the power supply has evidently bounced around during shipping--I would not be surprised if IT is now nonfunctional.

    Aside from the power supply being thrown inside the computer, the deep scratches inside the computer, and the case being bent and forcefully attached, the top CD-ROM drive door cover was dangling by one corner and, as I touched it to try to reattach the other side of the door, the whole thing fell off onto the floor and a little spring fell inside the computer, which I had to dig out. The bottom door cover is attached, but no longer remains closed. I assume this has something to do with the little spring.

    Although my friend could easily fix these problems, aside from the broken door covers, I called HP Totally Don't Care and was assured by the support technicians, in broken English, that they will ensure that the computer is returned properly to me once I send the computer back to them AGAIN.

    Never, ever, ever again will I buy a HP computer. Besides losing 9 mos of school work and financial information on a POS hard drive, my PreSORRYio was returned to me broken, scratched, and unassembled.

    HP so totally doesn't care.

  • Jo
      29th of Mar, 2007
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    My daughter has a 6 month old HP Pavillion dv2025nr notebook which just experienced a defective hard drive. After talking to the folks in India at "Total Care", it was decided that they would send a replacement hard drive. I had to pay for the recovery discs. The discs arrived in the 2 days that I paid for from Fedex. They did not come along with the hard drive. I went on line to try to track the shipment using the case number given to me. I could not find any tracking for the hard drive. I called India again and waited on hold for the usual 30-40 minutes. I was told that the hard drive is out of stock and will be available around May 5. That is a 5 week wait for a defective computer. The first guy i spoke to in India mentioned the May 5 date, to which i told him that was unacceptable. he told me not to worry, that they are shipping very quickly. This is the first problem I have had with HP. I actually just bought a new HP desktop 2 weeks ago and love it. The service experience is souring my opinion. Now the Case Manager does not return my calls. This computer should be replaced. Acer is actually very good with service. My son has a notebook that had a screen go bad. ( he probably dropped it) They had it repaired under warranty and shipped back within 1 week. HP should be ashamed to even suggest that customers wait more than a month without their computer due to their poor planning of parts inventory. JD Power is obviously a meaningless organization. I will ignore it completely from now on.

  • Ro
      3rd of Feb, 2008
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    I use to think highly of HP until they transfered their Tech Support to INDIA, also the merger with Compac ruined 2 good companies.

  • Su
      17th of Mar, 2008
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    My son has had similar experiences and support( or lack of) from HP total care. He purchased an HP Pavillion notebook with his high school graduation money. The computer DVD drive crashed before his mid-terms of the first semester of college. It was sent back and returned in a timely manner. Two weeks into the second semester, the same problem. This routine has been repeated 5 times, and they still won't replace the computer with a new one. You don't have to be a computer genius to realize that it is a lemon!!! He has owned the computer 18 months, and it has been repaired 5 times, all the same problem, and they STILL won't replace it. I, and my family , and anyone else I can convince, are DONE with HP and ALL of their products. No more printers, cameras, and especially computers will be purchased from HP.

  • Un
      3rd of May, 2008
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    for more stories from other unhappy HP customers, check out:

  • Lo
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    I bought an HP pavillion at circuit city all most 2 years ago now and it is still useless.T hey held it the last time until my warrenty was out on it.of course it did the same thing again.I called them and they said the warrenty went out on it tw0
    days by the time i called. So i have a useless $1200.00 peice of junk sitting here and am on my old gateway.I will never buy another HP product of any kind and tell all my friends not to.

  • Ji
      3rd of Jan, 2009
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    I recently purchased this piece of [censored]e HP(dv5-1000us). I does not load the 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th try. I must keep trying. I have done the reload, reboot and every other option offered at stard up. I will be heading back to Circut City tomorrow, box in hand, and I will very loudly explain my dissatifaction with this piece of [censored]e. They may as well call the police now, because I will let every one in earshout know what junk this is.
    As for their "Award winning support, " well, it's a good thing it's not a bra or cup. I have tried fro 3 days, and all I get is busy/busy/busy/busy/busy/busy. And when I get to work on Monday, I will let everyone in the college know what junk HP sells and does not support. I think it is time for a Mac . . . .

  • Me
      28th of Apr, 2013
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    I bought a custom built Pavillion DV6 last year. Last month (one month before the one year warranty expired), I couldn't get the laptop to turn on so I called HP Customer Care. The tech got it up and running and at that point asked if I wanted to purchase a 2-year extended warranty for $199. Since my warranty was due to expire on the 6th of April, I decided to purchase it. Little did I know what was to come. On April 20th, I couldn't get the laptop to boot up so again I called Customer Care again. They diagnosed the problem as hard drive failure. A ticket was put in to have the hard drive and recovery discs sent to me as well as set up a FOUR hour window on April 27th so a technician would come and install it. I had to reschedule and cancel appointments, including a doctor's appointment so I could sit and wait for four hours! Two days prior to the scheduled date, I received emails and calls from HP asking if the hardware and software arrived, as well as an email telling me a technician was scheduled to come. On April 26th at 8PM (the night before), I get a call from HP telling me ALL the service technicians were "busy" and wouldn't be coming. I was LIVID! The CSR kept telling me she understood my frustration and guaranteed they were doing the best job possible. She must've said it at least three times. Finally, I said "Look, your guarantee doesn't mean squat to me so quit repeating it over and over" How was I to know my frustration level was going to increase?! The next morning, I called HP's Customer Care again and demanded to talk to a supervisor, however the CSR wouldn't transfer me until *after* I repeated the entire tale again. Once the supervisor got on the line, I had to repeat the story again! He supposedly escalated my ticket and told me a technician would be calling me within an hour. Guess what? Over an hour later, no technican had called. I called HP Customer Care once again. By this time, I was out running errands and didn't have my ticket number and told the CSR that. What is the first thing he asked me after my name? "Ma'am, do you have your ticket number?" They truly do NOT listen. He looked up my name and told me I had two laptops... one under warranty and one not. No, I have one laptop. The he tried to inform me that it's not their "policy" to have a technician call in an hour. That it takes 24-48 hours to set up appointments. I responded back that I didn't care what the policy was, that the supervisor I talked to said a tech would be calling within an hour and again I asked to speak to another supervisor. Supervisor #2 told me Supervisor #1 didn't escalate it properly that he just sent it to dispatch. After an hour on the phone explaining the entire thing AGAIN and waiting for a case manager, he finally told me that a case manager would be calling the next day (April 28th), and that a technician would be coming to install the HD and recovery discs (on the 28th), making sure that the computer was in running order before he left. Supervisor #2 asked what 2-3 hour time frame would I be available. Guess what? No one called. No one showed up either. Another call to HP Total Crap. He put me on hold while he read the notes on my account (because I told him to... I refused to repeat the story again). After about 5 minutes on hold, I was disconnected. I called back again. CSR #2 said he saw in the system that I called a few minutes prior and that a request was put in to talk to a case manager. This CSR told me that case managers don't work on the weekend (remember earlier, Supervisor #2 told me one would be calling on Sunday?), that he didn't care what was said, they only go by what's in the system and somewhere along the line they had put in a request for my hard drive to be replaced on May 4th! Since the case was "escalated", this CSR refused to give me to another supervisor because the issue was being "addressed" and that was the end of it.

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