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I am in Alberta, Canada.

I am having ongoing problems with the HP Officejet 150. It rejects genuine HP ink cartridges. This problem started around March 2017. At that time, I spent countless hours troubleshooting over 3 days. I finally got the printer working. The same problem, happened again in November 2017. The printer is defective.

I am in remission from cancer and have been told by my doctor not to engage in stressful situations. Dealing with HP is very stressful.

A week ago, I wrote CEO Mr. Dion Weisler several times through the HP online complaint forum. He has not replied.

I tried contacting HP Canada and got rough treatment from phone reception there. They keep trying to transfer calls to the customer service clerks in Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA). They refuse to escalate my case to Canadian managers or Vice-Presidents (VPs).

I tried reaching HP Canada's CEO Mary Ann Yule but HP Canada phone staff said she quit 3 weeks ago. She only started in 2015. I tried leaving phone messages for HP Canada Senior VP, Ms Natalie Benitah, who oversees Printing. She will not return calls. The HP Canada office is located in Mississauga, Ontario. HP Canada staff refuse to say who manages the reception phone staff and refuse to state the address where their office is located, most likely to prevent customers from writing to senior staff.

I tried going through the so-called HP Executive Customer Relations (Customer Service Dept) located in Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, New Mexico. I spoke to several Case Managers (they are actually customer service clerks -- they do not manage other employees). I got bounced to a female supervisor, first name Karime. She called one day last week and, as compensation for my defective Officejet 150, offered me $7.00 CDN for a printer that cost me $314.70 CDN! I was very upset.

During the call, Karime repeatedly talked over my voice, and repeatedly interrupted me, however I held my ground. I told her that she was being rude and disrespectful. I asked to be transferred to her manager. She refused. I asked to be transferred to the senior VP of Customer Service. She refused. I asked for contact information for both of those people. She refused.

Overall, the whole experience with HP customer service has been very upsetting. In Canada, most companies do not treat customers that way. Given the mistreatment I received from the supervisor, Karime, I filed a harassment complaint with the HP Corporate Compliance Office.

In December 2017, I wrote the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which has two national TV shows ("Marketplace" and "Go Public") that address social injustices or consumer concerns. In my emails to them, I asked each if they were interested in doing a show on HP Inc.'s defective products and poor customer service. Replies pending.

I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in the USA and a complaint with the Attorney-General for the State of California, Mr. Xavier Becerra. Replies pending.

I bought my defective HP printer at Staples Canada whose headquarters are in Ontario. I filed a complaint regarding HP with the province's Consumer and Corporate Affairs Dept. Finally, I contacted the Government of Alberta with a complaint regarding HP to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. Replies pending.

I was shocked to learn that a Class Action lawsuit was recently filed against HP Inc. in California by six Americans. At least three American law firms are involved. A law firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is also calling on Canadian consumers to sign on to the same Class Action lawsuit. I saw a posting about that on Facebook in early December 2017.

The lawsuit is about consumers who own HP printers and who use non-HP inks. On September 13, 2016, HP allegedly reached into HP customers' homes and changed the firmware on their printers such that those printers could no longer use non-HP ink. HP did this in the UK as well and possibly other countries. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) did an online article about this in 2016 because so many British customers who owned HP printers were outraged. They could not get their printers to work.

It appears that HP is now in a lot of legal trouble. HP had no business changing firmware on printers that customers bought. In my opinion, this is considered to be an unfair trade practice and, if so, such practices are illegal in Canada and the USA. As of December 10, 2017, the lawsuit is still pending, and has not yet gone to trial. The lawyers have asked that the lawsuit be heard by a jury (not by a judge alone).

The firmware change by HP affected a lot of HP printer models, in particular some of the Officejet models. I have an Officejet 150 and I believe that my firmware got screwed up by HP because my printer seems to reject certain brand new genuine HP cartridges but not other genuine HP cartridges. I have never used non-HP ink even though it is not illegal to do so. I spent over $150 CDN this past month alone buying several genuine HP cartridges trying to find a HP cartridge that would work.

Over the past year, sales of HP printers and HP inks started dropping. I suspect unhappy HP customers have begun switching to other printer brands. In an attempt to prop up sales, HP bought Samsung printers.

I will now contact a third party to get the names and phone numbers of the manager who supervises the supervisor Karime, and the name of the senior VP for Printing at HP Inc. in Palo Alto, California.

As a consumer, I do not put up with abuse from customer service staff, including those at HP Inc. I have been a loyal HP customer. I don't care if I have to spend 5 years fighting to get my problem solved. If it takes that long, that is what I will do! Every consumer should be treated with dignity and respect.

To resolve my problem, I am asking HP to show good will by giving me:

1) a replacement Officejet 250 or similar (the Officejet 150 is now discontinued); 2) at least six ink cartridges for the new printer; and a three-year warranty for the new computer.

As a sign of good faith, I will return the defective Officejet 150, the power cord, user manual, and several defective HP ink cartridges -- all at my own expense.

Thanks for reading my long, sad story. I will keep you posted.

Dec 11, 2017

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