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HP / very poor tech support

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My new dv6253cl notebook was not communicating with my wireless network, I have three computers that do, I went on live chat, spoke to Huntley, seemed to want to help but had no real depth in troubleshooting the problem. I was told that my printer would not work wireless, I was put on hold and lead in a circle with no real interaction in troubleshooting the problem, I verified what I had tried and basically was told to read a manual that would be sent e-mail in 5-min, never received it and I was also disconnected right after this. I Eventually figured it out trial and error, verified that I could print a web page, but not through my word processor, went into properties and setup a new port and made several changes to my configuration not sure which made the big difference. Works fine now I can print out my documents in word or downloads from the internet.

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  • Re
      21st of Sep, 2015
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    From all the complaints regarding HP, I have decided never to do business with them again .. Maybe they should only do business in India since they feel sending their customer service to off shore like a few other cheap ### companies do!

    I welcome them to go out of business .. They are not what they used to be!

  • Ra
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    Dear Concern,

    This for the fourth time I have register complain regarding the monitor Problem, Please find the problem below: -
    1. We have purchased this PC recently.
    2. It got replaced for the fourth time.
    3. This time we have received the TFT in packed condition but the dust was there. The same has been reported to Mr. Vishal Bansal (Supervisor HP-Tech Support) on 0124-2346992.
    4. Your support Engineers come to check the same, and the problem was rectified.
    5. But suddenly the TFT started fluctuating and getting turned off and on.
    6. One black screen appears and then Whole TFT screen gets full white.
    Please help me to rectify the same permanently.

  • Un
      19th of Apr, 2008
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    HP doesn't value integrity. They make a lot of false promises.

    MY HP Pavillion dv2000 cto failed to boot up in "4" months ago. As it was still under warranty I thought "no problem", HP will fix it or give me a replacement. WRONG. HP sent parts, PC has been to HP repair twice, and HP has promised to send me a replacement - but I've never received it. I call HP Case Managers and they never return calls. This has been going on for four months where I have a totally unusable PC - that is still, today, under warranty.

    I'll never buy HP again!

  • Ke
      15th of Oct, 2007
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    I will probably never touch HP products again either as their customer service is abysmal. Calls and e-mails are answered promptly, so they are not exactly under staffed, but these people can't supply answers to even simple problems. I ordered recovery disks after technical support couldn't solve a fault I had with my PC. They haven't turned up and nobody at HP can tell me if they've even been sent. I usually end up being directed to the HP Indian call center where I ordered them from but even they don't know! I've had over 3 weeks of being sent in circles and will now no doubt have the same problem trying to return my PC.

  • Br
      11th of Sep, 2007
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    I purchased a HP Pavilion Media center edition M7567C from Sam's club on 9/00/2006. The Computer worked fine at first. It was actually a fast computer. 3.4 ghz, 600 gb hard drive, 2 gb ram, and a 515 mb graphics card. It seemed like the best computer I had ever purchased. Then comes the problems. Below is a history of all the repairs HP customer service provided. This is the worst service I have ever received. I would like every one to know just how poor their service is. They show no care for the customer. Their only worry is about selling computers and not fixing their warranty problems.

    Customer: Brett A. Barrows
    Model: HP Pavilion Media Center Edition M7567C
    System Number: EX329AA-ABA
    Software Build Number: 63NAEMMPA3
    Operating System: Windows XP
    Purchase Date: 9/01/2006
    Purchase Location: Sam’s Club, Dover, DE

    Warranty Service History
    11 Oct 06: Received error: The instruction at “0x745f2780” reference memory at “ox00000000” the memory could not be read. Called could not duplicate error

    21 Feb 2007: Case number 7337582531 Computer messed up and would not work stuck on blue screen and would not boot. HP had us reset the computer to factory settings.

    18 Jun 2007: Case number 7340678102. Sonic update manager can not update C:/hp/tmp/scr/updatemanager_MSI. Technician Sakara “Support Tech” tried remote access but could not access.
    Tried the following:
    1. Had me delete all four sonic items
    2. Tried remote access
    3. Application recovery “PC Help & Tools: HP application Recovery
    This appeared to resolve the problems and the sonic error went away.

    14 July 2007: Case number 7341358024 – Tusher “Support Tech”. Computer keeps rebooting when every a game is played for more than 3-5 minutes. Tech had me press F8 fast at start up and tried to adjust settings. We then checked the system temperature which was running at 53 degrees C. Person said to high of a temperate for safe operation. He stated some one would contact me with information on a box being sent to me.

    19 July 07. Case number 7341358024 – Shuric “Support Tech” Notified tech that I still have not received the box from HP nor received a phone call. Was told I would received it within 24 hours of 14 July 07.

    24 July 07. Case number 7341358024 – John “Service Tech” Notified him that I still have not received box. Hung up on at first after being placed on hold for over 45 minutes. John then gave me a return confirmation number: JZM707-01

    31 Jul 07. Received box from HP shipped out.

    9 Aug 07. Case Number: 7341358024. HP replaced the mother board and DVD/RW. Computer worked fine for about 40 minutes then the screen went all these weird colors then the computer shut off again. Tested computer for another few days to see if problem continued.

    14 Aug 07. Case number 7341358024. Michael “Service Tech” Computer continues to shut down and start up with lines across the screen. My mouse and key board stopped working. I tried plugging them into one of my other HP media centers and they still would not work. Called HP and they told me they though it was my power supply this time. Michael told me to ship computer, mouse, keyboard, and midi gain port antenna due to it being broken at the end of the wire when I unplugged it from the computer the wire stayed in the back of the computer. They gave me another shipping confirmation number: KGY471-01.

    16 Aug 07: Case number 7341358024. Received box and shipped computer back to HP including the mouse, keyboard, midi gain port antenna, and computer.

    22 Aug 07: Case number 7341358024. Check on status of repairs. Stated BIOS, RAM and RE-Tatoo had been done on the computer. Per repair center updated BIOS, replaced ram, and tested mother board. Technician also stated computer had been set back to factory settings at this time.

    24 Aug 07. Sanaa “HP Technician” Computer received back from HP. The reverse side of the computer was crushed in. Included the fan, video card and entire reverse of the computer. The same keyboard, mouse, and antenna were returned not repaired. The midi gain port antenna was now snapped in two when it was returned. Could not test computer to see if it worked due to the damage to the reverse of the computer. Sanna transferred me to Kylzen who gave me a shipping confirmation number of KMZ095-01. Also stated they promised the repairs would be completed this time and would be returned in working condition. I complained at this was the third time I had to sent the computer back to HP for repairs. Technician stated that he would place the order for the new mouse, key board and midi gain port antenna but could not do it at this time due to the computer being shipped back again for repair. I would have to wait until the computer was picked up for repair.

    28 Aug 07: FEDEX Box still not received web site shows no tracking number identifying item has been shipped.

    29 Aug 07 Received FEDEX box pick up # 6 tracer number 913741511895 scheduled for pick up on 30 Aug 07.

    4 Sept 07. Checked on status of mouse and key board and antenna. None of the orders were showing up in the system. Technician placed orders. Stated he could not order the antenna because they are limited to two orders at a time. Asked me to call back once I received the mouse and keyboard.
    Mouse – KRU530-01
    Keyboard – KRU558-01

    9 Sep 07. Received the mouse and key board.

    10 Sept 07. Received the computer back from the repair facility. The computer was returned with out a repair order sheet telling me what had been replaced. I could tell the reverse of the computer had been replaced as the fan was no longer crushed in. I could also see that the back had been replaced a there is a hole with no item in it where the video adapter would be. It is located in a different place on the old computer at the bottom of the computer and the new back has a blank place where it would be on the new computer.

    10 Sep 07. Samuel “HP Technician. Computer receive but would not go past the Utility 2.0 “System preparation tool 2.0”. The Utility screen gave you three options.1. Factory 2. Audit 3. Reseal. Technician had me try all three and all of them just shut off the computer and caused. I had to manually start the computer after each attempt. Technician could not fix the problem. Next had me try to return the computer back to factory setting again but the computer only gave a black screen with a flashing cursor. The technician could not get the computer back to factory settings. The computer came back to me already set back to factory setting but would not work. The technician told me that they would send be a reboot disk to correct this problem but could not promise this would fix it. They transferred me back to the hardware support who told me that they would have to charge me for the boot disk. I complained to them as this now the 4th time the computer was ### back for warranty work and has not worked properly with any of the repairs. The warranty has expired but HP and not fulfilled they commitment to repair my computer to working condition since 18 Jun 07 when all the problems started with the computer.

    I am formally requesting that HP replace my computer as this should fall under the LEMON law. HP has now made 5 attempt to repair my computer with no success. I have not been able to use this computer since 18 June when the second round of problem started. It is not fair that a customer spends $1800.00 on what was one of HP’s top computers and received a piece of junk for a computer. If you search your records you will find that I am not a new purchaser of HP Computers. I have many of them and this is the first one I have. I am very disappointed with the quality of HP’s computer system, support from Service and the quality of repairs. HP should be responsible for ensuring that the computers work properly before sending them home. I have children who can not do their work due to the down time with this computer. HP has always been know for their computers and now has damaged their reputation with me.

    Brett A. Barrows

  • Cc
      29th of May, 2007
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    My friend I feel for you. I have about 90% of all the HP emails that were promised to me and the context of those emails is just a tech that keeps telling me to do the same thing even after I have done it! I know that the workers are overseas because I asked one where they were. He was VERY slow in responding. VERY SLOW. They ask you the problem and you repeat it around 6 times before they really understand you. Call or chat during earlier hours and you actually get an American. That one time I was able to do that, I had help and was done inside of 30 mins. I have sent emails to Mark Hurd and to another location within HP.

    [email protected] is one.

    [email protected] is another.

    Sure you get the canned response, but at least you feel better. There was an instance where I had called in and got burned so bad that I demanded a super and I got several calls and letters from a CSR Super. He actually got the job done and promised to make sure that the people responsible for my outrage were punished (I told him 'fired', not just punished).

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