Houser Designs / unethical behavior/unfinished work despite collecting all money

1 North Port, FL, United States
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I had this Stephen Houser from Houser Designs come to my place to do some work and although he collected all of the money, he moved (without telling me) and did not finish the project, as well as leaving the wood material from the first part of the project on the ground. When initially contacting him, he said on multiple occasions that an employee that is still working for him would come and finish the project, however, that individual has not been seen yet. I asked for a direct number of this mystery individual several times and was denied. I simply asked for a $200 reimbursement for the portion of the $1300 project he did not finish that I already paid (I received numerous quotes above $400 for the work that still needs to be completed) and he said no and stopped replying to me. So now I have to figure out a way to get this finished while dealing with some pretty intensive health issues that require a walker/wheelchair and working with the association on a new time line before being charged (which Stephen if fully aware of).

May 26, 2018

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