Hotwire Travel / misrepresentation

United States

Hotwire was advertising a 4 star hotel on their site on the South strip in Las Vegas at an un-named hotel. I called the Hotwire phone number and talked with an online agent. I specifically asked the person, who's name was Leah that the offer was indeed a 4 star hotel located on the Las Vegas south strip, She said yes. I again verified with her that is was a 4 star hotel located on Las Vegas Boulevard. Again she said that was correct. After I went ahead and made the online purchase. It came back and identified the hotel as the Westin Casuarina Hotel & Spa, located on E. Flamino Rd. This is about 2 blocks off the strip. Secondly, after reading the reviews of other patrons to get fooled like this, the majority stated there was no way this was a 4 star hotel. It appears Hotwire only rates this 4 star because of the "Westin" brand name. I felt duped. The next day I called the Hotwire agent line and tried to get the sale reversed on misrepresentation. The agent said she was sorry that I felt they misrepresented the location of the hotel, but all sales were final. I explained that the hotel was not on the strip because it was not on Las Vegas Boulevard. This agent Carol stated they were within their rights because the Westin Hotel is located in the green circle they show on their hotwire map. I explained that I specifically asked the agent Leah last night if the hotel was located on Las Vegas Boulevard and she had said yes. Carol stated that even the agents do not know exactly where the hotels are located and the agent and she probably just didn't know that much about Las Vegas. I asked to speak to a supervisor to plead my case and Carol said even though she understood my issue their was no way they could refund my purchase, because others have complained previously and Hotwire never reversed the purchase, so it would be futile. I can't believe they can continue to take advantage of patrons like that and never have to pay for their misrepresentations. I hope that somewhere they will have to change their ways. If you can help in any way I would appreciate it.

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