Dear Sir or Madame
I am very dissatisfied with the service I received on the evening of Wednesday the 16th October I booked Studio En Plein De La Ville Rose in Toulouse.
Reservation No [protected]
When I received confirmation back of my booking it said I had to give 24hours notice?
I phoned the property three times and left messages.
I went to the property and got no reply
My dissatisfaction is that your system should not have allowed me to book for this property on the same day.
I ended up paying €400 euro for a room at 22-30 as there was no other vacancies.
If you had confirmed that this property was not available unless 24 hour notice was given, I would have had an opportunity to make alternative arrangements without costing me 400 euros. I also had to cancel a dinner appointment with a customer which has caused me another problem .
I am seeking a refund also of €150 for no entry to Studio En Plein
I await a reply before I consider cancelling my membership.

Nov 29, 2018

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