Hotels.compoor customer service so disappointed

Ma. Claris (Listening)
Ma. Claris: Hi, my name is Ma. Claris.
Ma. Claris: Hi, Carol.
Ma. Claris: How can I help you with your complaints?
Carol: Hi
Ma. Claris: Hello!
Carol: I just waited 1 hour to speak to an agent
Carol: OK on Monday I made a reservation
Carol: [protected]
Ma. Claris: I am sorry for the long wait, Carol. Since I have you here I will do my best to help you.
Carol: I'm a valuable customer
Carol: I book through hotels .com every time
Carol: So I received an email about my booking it said it was all booked gave me a conformation number and said I was all set and it was guaranteed and all paid for
Carol: So I went to the hotel drove one hour away when ingot there I had got into a confutation with the person at front desk telling me my reservation was canceled
Carol: I booked with hotels .com over 8/ times and I never had a problem like this before so when I try to show the front desk the email he it goes I see a unread email from informing me that my booking was canceled
Carol: I was furious and I didn't understand why and they told me I was getting a refund I was surprised and this was the transaction processing team
Carol: So I called customer service they told me they apologize for the inconvenience and all they can do is send an email to the transaction processing department informing my situation so they said please give them 60 minutes to 3 hours to get in contact with me asap
Carol: So I waited and this all happened on the following Monday midnight
Carol: So I called back when I didn't receive any call and was still sitting at the hotels parking lot
Carol: To cut to the chase I called hotels. Com customer service back within that same issue 17 times from 1 am to 6 am
Carol: I just gave up and I was vary upset and what made me mad was that I spoke to 10 different Representatives and 5 different managers that within time and nobody could help me but tell me the same thing to wait 60 MINUTES
Ma. Claris: I very sorry to hear about the inconvenience, Carol.
Carol: So I waited 11 hours 5 hours spent sitting at the hotel outside and dealt with 15 unsatisfying unprofessional agents and managers that couldn't do nothing at all or understand my situation nor could find a way to escalate my situation
Carol: So the transaction processing agent Mark Appleton even was feeling bad for my situation after verifying my problem it was a mistake they had no reason to accept my payment and decline my payment and refund it back to me also I never even received a call for the urgent inconvenience that's the main inconvenience
Carol: Then he said he received 15 emails 2 from me personally and 13 from customer service reps and managers
Carol: Concerning my situation and all 13 agents lied to me about 60 minutes to contact me asap to figure out my problem
Ma. Claris: I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience you've encountered.
Ma. Claris: Are we chatting about your reservation at Econo Inn?
Carol: I waited 11/hours and so many inconvenience unprofessional confertations with reps
Carol: Yes we are
Ma. Claris: Thanks for verifying.
Carol: Every call is recorded and monitored
Ma. Claris: I see here that the reservation was confirmed cancelled and that the previous agent compensate you for 60 USD credit coupon for the inconvenience, and I see here on the notes that the 60 USD was doubled coupon since you applied $30 coupon on this cancelled reservation.
Carol: They refunded my money back and I had a 30$ coupon and that wasn't issued back so the agent from the transaction processing department told me he will do whatever to get in contact with customer service so he sent an email to them about my inconvenience
Carol: Yes so they doubled my coupon and like you just stated they doubled it because they never refundedd it I didn't ask for a double so he did it out of kindness recording to the manager Alex
Ma. Claris: And I also see here that the issued $60 coupon was used and applied for booking at Baymont Inn and Suites Ormond Beach under [protected].
Ma. Claris: What I am seeing here is that we processed a refund for 18.85 USD on May 02, 2017. If it has not posted to your account yet, you may want to check with your bank, as they must still be processing it.
Carol: Yes but I never received a call from customer service yet from the transaction processing department he said he can't do any coupons or vouchers that's why he sent an email out on there behalf of the problem
Carol: Yes and that's the inconvenient of the refund because there was no reason they should even cancelnit or refund it
Carol: That card was under my name and I book from you guys all the time
Carol: So my inconvenience and the waste of time driving and getting in a confutation with the hotel front desk when I was there and speaking to 15 different agents and managers about one matter and the transaction processing team took 11 hours to help me to unlock my account meaning I couldn't book another reservation or anything
Ma. Claris: I understand your frustration about this, Carol.
Carol: So what I'm asking and that's coming from a loyal customer and I hope u understand my part . of all of this inconvenience and upsetting situation on my behalf I would like if you can consult with your manager for every call is recorded and monitored also emails and chat support about my situation because of the cancelation was a mistake and all the Representatives I had to contact and repeat my situation numerous times
Carol: I never dealt with this before though out all the times I hadbbeen booking though thid
Ma. Claris: Did the previous representative told you about the reason why your reservation was cancelled, Carol?
Carol: If my reservation was never been canceled I wouldn't have to go thought all this inconvenience
Ma. Claris: I understand, Carol.
Ma. Claris: I see that those information were noted under this reservation.
Carol: Yes he said that he wanted to verify my card he said I had booked with a few cards and the cards was "visa vanilla gift cards" and the card I had got a refund on now is under my name debit master card he even sent me an email apologizeing for the mistake
Carol: Evey call is recorded and monitored so I don't have to lie or make anything up for compensation
Ma. Claris: If you received an email from our Transaction Processing Team that they will response to this issue, rest assured that this case will be taken care of and that they will give you an update with a resolution about your complaint.
Carol: On my behalf I feel like i t was the most inconvenience and more upsetting situation I ever been through
Ma. Claris: As of now, I don't have capability of providing any credits or changes as the previous representatives already issued the refund and for the credit coupons, Carol.
Carol: OK thank you Ma. Claris but in this case can you please consult with your manager please I would like another coupon and that's coupon credit was from the non refunded coupon for the mistake
Carol: That's what I'm contacting about and I would really appreciate it if you can not this whole entire conversation in my notes please and for my inconvenience I would appreciate for another long hold and the late refund on my card for another coupon credit and from me being a loyal customer that's what I'm asking for a courtesy from for the mistake inconvenience and all the calls and contacts I had to make for a mistake from your team
Carol: I would really appreciate it if you can consult with your manager for me please or whom this may matter to for a higher department of my situation and this is an issue of a high complaint
Ma. Claris: Just to be clear, you are requesting for another credit coupon to compensate you for this, Carol?
Carol: Yes I would appreciate it ma.claris if you can consult with you manager for my major inconvenience
Ma. Claris: Let me check any possible resolution for this, Carol.
Carol: The 60 coupon was for the late 30 coupon for not being refunded
Carol: Also I would like a coupon to cover my next booking . the one I used I still had to come out to pay the difference
Ma. Claris: One moment as I'm checking on to this.
Ma. Claris: I am sorry but I am unable to provide any compensation for any bookings outside of this issue that we discussing right now, Carol.
Carol: What do you mean
Carol: I would like if you can consult with your manager about this i want a compensation of a coupon voucher to pay for a one full night basically a free night at any hotel
Carol: This all together with everything being recorded I deserve a compensation ma.claris
Carol: Please
Carol: Can you Ma.claris understanding my situation and from not being my fault and it was vary inconvenience and a terrible frusterating situation if you was in my position
Ma. Claris: Thanks for patiently waiting, Carol. Since the issue has been transferred and handled by our special team, we are unable to provide any further action for this case. You may wish to use the contact number on the email from the transaction processing team to follow up this case.
Carol: OK but they can't do any compensation that's why o was being forward to you guys and the email been sent the last compensation is for the late refund on my last voucher but I'm not asking for any compensation for another booking outside of this one
Carol: I'm asking you to consult with your manager to voucher me a coupon credit for this matter issue for all the inconvenience coming from customer service from behalf
Ma. Claris: I understand, Carol however I am unable to make any changes or credits due to this case as the other Team is already working on with this issue.
Carol: The transaction processing department is dealing with something els for them to cancel my reservation mistake
Ma. Claris: And since it was being handled by the transaction processing Team, we are unable to make any further action and that you can only follow up this issue with the number provided on the email since this issue has been escalated to them already.
Ma. Claris: At this time, there is no other alternative.
Carol: That's there issue with Mr like you said in waiting on but myncomplaint and inconvenience is for customer service of numerous calls and unprofessional
Carol: So there issue is dealing with Me and my behalf of contacting and speaking to you about is about a voucher for this complaint
Carol: I hope your not misunderstanding my situation ma.claris I need your help since im asking you to consult with your manager because I kmoe an agent can't do that much compared to them and I understand that part because I already spoke to another agent informing me about something I already know about
Ma. Claris: I can see in your account you have received coupons in the past, however, not every situation qualifies for one. I can understand how that would be confusing and frustrating for you. However, at this time there is nothing additional that can be done, Carol.
Carol: Because that's from unprofessional agents
Ma. Claris: As a gesture of good faith we have gone above the normal process to try and accommodate your request; however we cannot issue another coupon or credits because of our special team is already handling this issue for you.
Carol: Every call is recorded and monitored so I shouldn't contact hotels. Com for any problems if they did they job so that's issued for a proper reason and you should know that
Carol: The special team has nothing to do with what I'm contacting about today
Carol: Nobody can issue coupon unless its from a managers acceptance for a proper reason
Carol: And for asnmany times I had to contact in and complain about a situation that shouldn't even been caused aslo I'm a valuable customer
Ma. Claris: I understand that you are requesting another compensation but realistically this is what we can offer. A different person would only be able to provide you with the same information and/or offers.
Ma. Claris: And since you have the email from our Team about this issue, you may reply on that or use the number provided on that email to ask for any clarifications and assistance about this reservation.
Carol: But that's matter is for the transaction processing department issue so that's a different situation that has nothing to do with what I'm chatting with you today ms.claris
Carol: OK I understand you told Me that 3 different times I already did but what I'm contacting and talking to you about is a ridden concern
Ma. Claris: I understand your frustration and I apologize that I'm not able to resolve this issue to your satisfaction, as other Team is already handling this case, I am unable provide any credits or changes on this booking.
Carol: And have you yet spoke to your manager ?
Carol: OK I don't want any changes or do anything to any booking that's already been canceled for no reason
Ma. Claris: I understand that you would like to speak with someone else, however, they will have the same tools and same information as I have regarding your reservation. Any person assisting you would only be able to do the same things that I am doing for you.
Carol: OK understanding but I been ask you to consult wig your manager for me about this matter
Carol: Your bring in my history and from being s loyal customer why do I have to get in the need to argue with any agents about something not being my mistake and we been chatting about over an hour
Ma. Claris: I regret that you are not satisfied with the answer that I have provided. I have explained that your case were handled by different department are the reasons why I gave you this answer. Speaking to another person or department will not change the outcome in this case.
Carol: I just wanr to be a happy customer and I feel like I shouldnt be calling in or complaining nor doing feedbacks on a company that I go though
Carol: I'm not asking to speak to anybody I'm ask long you like I have been for 40 minutes to consult with your manager about my situation
Ma. Claris: I understand but if you wanted to make any clarifications and assistance or follow up about this case, the only way is to contact the number provided on the email or reply on the email.
Carol: This is beyond fusterating now and
Carol: Yes that would be your guys
Carol: Customer service like the manager told me
Carol: You guys are the only one can do it
Ma. Claris: I am sorry, Carol. As of now, there is nothing additional that can be done.
Carol: So is there a way you can forward this chat to a manger please
Carol: As I'm recording this whole matter
Carol: Coming from a unsatisfied customer
Ma. Claris: I can only put some notes about what we have discussed but I am unable to provide any transcript of this chat to someone, Carol.
Carol: I would appreciate it if you can transfer me to a manager please
Carol: I got this transcript saved
Ma. Claris: I'm sorry but I don't have capability to transfer this chat to someone, Carol
Carol: Can you transfer me please and I know your lieing because I chatted before
Carol: Wow this is uneceptable
Carol: This is beyond disappointing
Carol: I would like to speak to a manger please
Carol: Just like an agent like you the last agent did it with no hesitation to forward me to a manger that's ridiculous
Ma. Claris: You may call the number on the email to seek assistance, Carol, as I don't have any means to transfer this chat to someone or to a Manager.
Ma. Claris: I can also put notes on this reservation for future reference.
Carol: OK I will call and put a complaints on his poor customer service like I did with every unprofessional and unwilling to help agents thats so upsetting
Ma. Claris: I understand your frustration and I apologize that I'm not able to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.
Carol: I recorded this transcript also I know has it also for security purposes
Ma. Claris: And I understand that you do not agree with the information that I have stated, but I have provided all information and options available for your situation.
Carol: And that's coming from a polite customer that's frustrated but still have the patience to deal with unsatisfying agents like you
Carol: Have a great day
Ma. Claris: I understand. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Carol: Disappointing
Ma. Claris: I'm sorry that I couldn't help you. Please click on the X at the top of this dialogue box to close the chat.

May 03, 2017

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