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11/5/2016. I am an employee at this store and our GM, Omar is the worst GM that I've ever worked with. He is unfair and doesn't give a crap about Hooters. All he does is sit in the office and search for other places to work. He has ruined/ been fired from every other restaurant he's worked at and if you guys don't do something about him now, this store won't last long. He tried to send me home and I'm head weight. Head weight always closes. And when I called the 1-800 number to complain, he tried taking my table away from me because someone else had to run their food. First off, people run food for each other all the time. We literally have a FOOD RUNNER. So I think it was not needed and immature of him to take away my table that I worked so hard on from me. He also voids everything off even when the food was made and then complains about how nothing is adding up right. One time I had a racist table call me a "black ###" and took the customer's side and tried to give them coupons and paid for their whole meal. And I've tried contacting Omar's boss but no answer. I'm getting the run around and its not okay. I need something to be fixed now and no matter who I talk to, no one is helping me. Its not fair that the employee has to just suffer through the bullying that the GM puts them through when we both know that he's not being fair.

Nov 05, 2016

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