Hooters of Americapersonal security

At the hooters at 2201 north lamar
Dallas, tx, 75202 where the girls change at there is no doors so there has been many times male employees have walked by and watched the girls change. Your managers pick and choose favorites. If someone is caught on thier phone they get put on something called the "late list" but if it's a girl that they're having relations or want to have relations with it's swept under the rug like no big deal.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TXThere's girls who don't show up for their shift and are 3 hours late but managers let them slide with no consequence because of the relations they are having. There has been multiple thefts to include hair straighteners, blow dryers, hair curlers, and even make up because they're not supplied with any type of lockers to lock up their belongings.
So before any of your employees start making any sexual harassment claims or police reports I highly recommend this get fixed as soon as possible before anyone contacts hro or osha

Apr 29, 2017

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