Honda Accorddo not get honda accord serviced by milford honda service center

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Do not take your car to Honda Milford CT, Service center for repair, I had a extremely bad experience. In May2008 My car starting vibrating and was not able to take a pickup, these guys took $92 as diagnosis and said the Fuel injectors needs to be replaced and charged me total of $734. after 4 months the same problem started, these guys took $300 for diagnosis and thereafter said the four injectors are again bad (which they can replace) but the main problem is Oil Tank is rusted and needs tobe replaced. They gave me estimate of almost $2700 ($1200 for parts and $1500 as labor) and said if I will get Fuel tank replaced by them then only they will replace Fuel injectors (which were in 12 months warranty)
I told them that this fuel tank was not ok in May 2017 then at that time they should have diagnosed this issue, I would have donated the car at that time (may be) or got it corrected by some other repair shot.
Now they are refusing to change that warranty fuel injector and are saying that this will be done only If I am ready to spent $2700 more on this car.
Their manager Earl Mistri sounds to be just another person (No professionalism),

Please do not repair your old honda car from MILFORD CT, Honda dealer otherwise you may also experience same issues

I also wanted to know if there is any way I can logde a customer complaint against these peopole


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      Aug 22, 2009
    Honda Accord - Honda Accord Cruise Control
    England, Berkshire
    United Kingdom
    Phone: [protected]

    I was provided advice from John G, his profile is on the following link, There was a problem with my cruise control where sometimes it would engage and on other occasions it would not, so thus I spoke to John G as I felt he was best qualified for my question.

    He answered my question and advised me to purchase two parts which I did for £150 and another £60 on labour. These parts the break light switch and the steering wheel switch were installed but to no avail as it continued to sometimes engage the cruise control and on other times it did not. I have asked for a full refund as his opinion was worthless. You can contact me on [protected], if need be.

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  • Bu
      Jan 21, 2010

    i am a trucker. drivin in my truck~ ~it's a butt! it's a truck! it's a Butt Butt truck!

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  • Lu
      May 26, 2011
    Honda Accord - AC broke - Warrany doesnt cover
    College Park Honda
    9400 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740
    Silver Spring
    United States

    We bought a car from Honda the last November during winter. Last week, when we turned on the AC and it didn't work. So we took the car to the Honda service and they informed us that the warranty doesn't cover it. They said, the car was hit by a outside small object(stone) and made a hole and that is how the AC broke.
    My parents two cars (Toyota Camry) are also driven on the same road, and nothing has happened to their vehicles. - Their cars are more than 2years old as well. Why did that happened only to my car (that too a new car, being less than 6 months old) Couldn't that be a manufacturing defect? Even if it was hit by a small stone, how can it be create a hole in the car - I mean what kind of material is the Honda accord made of ? No one has ever heard of this kind of problem either.
    The service said insurance will pay it and since this is not a accident case, insurance refuse to pay it. The cost of the repair is $940. This is a mechanical error! They are accusing it was our fault that the "small object" hit the car. How can they prove the small hall was caused by a small object, couldn't it be a manufacturing defect?

    Also when we went to buy the car, we were first planning to buy a old car that was drove 2017 miles for $18, 000. Suddenly the manager came in and said we will give you a brand new car for additional $1500 - making it $19, 500 and when my refused, they made a deal for $19, 000. That night, they drove the car from Virginia (We live in MD) and gave us at 10.00 pm. Was that a planned cheating?

    We called the case manager and he even refused to reveal is his last number of contact higher authorities? Help us.

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