Home Depot / windows purchased and installed by bridgewater nj store.

In 2013 home depot installed 8 windows in our family room. All the springs and balancers in those windows are broken and we are not able to open the windows. I called for service on 4/21/18 and they sent an installer out to access the problems and he was to order 16 new springs and then they would come out and replace all new parts. These windows were over $6000. And have a lifetime guarantee. After 2 weeks, I called customer service to see when the parts would be installed. I have since made over 8 phone calls and was assured that someone would get back to me to schedule the repairs. No one has ever bothered to call us back. As you can imagine this has been a very frustrating experience. I am hoping that someone from the corporate office can let me know when this will be resolved. Thank you. Joan Kurak Anderson.

May 29, 2018

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