Home Depot / truck rental

Hiram, GA, United States

I waited in line at the rental center for a good 15 minutes to rent a truck. My turn came up and I was asked for my proof of insurance which I didn't have on me so I went back to the car and returned in less than 5 minutes and waited for at least 30 minutes to be waited on and I thought everything was ok. I was told they would have to call and verify my insurance. They called and was on hold for 10 minutes or so and my agent was closed so it went to the call center for State Farm and they for some reason couldn't suffice Home Depot and I was told I couldn't rent the truck until Monday when my agent was open. I understand Home Depot has to protect themselves but what makes this so frustrating is I had rented a truck from another location a few months ago within a half mile from their World Headquaters and had no problem. If any store is following policy, I would think it would of been that one. Verry dissapointing and ruined my day.

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