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Business Job Reference: Roofing Job # [protected]

Business Points Of Contact:
2. INSTALLATION MANAGER Arlin Messersmith [protected]
3. BRANCH OFFICE MANAGER Chuck Cooke [protected]
4. BRANCH MANAGER John Brown [protected]
5. Customer Service Various [protected]
The Complainant would like the Business to stop lying to customers and stop advertising in this area for the services that they cannot provide.

On April 10th I contracted with the business to do a roof replacement on my home due to wind damage. The initial timeline expectations from Mr. Duvall was in a few weeks to a month due to the high volume of work in the area. On the 25th of April I met with Mr. Duval at my house to adjust the contract due to material estimate shortage. Mr. Duval said everything was on tract and should be scheduled in the next week or so. He pointed out that I needed a tarp installed as a temporary repair to prevent interior damage due to missing shingles.

NOTE #1 This was the first Lie. I learned in May from Mr. Messersmith that the only licensed contractor that Home Depot had in this area of West Virginia had been terminated on April 20th due to poor performance. All sales consultants were informed immediately so this means that Mr. Duval knew about this at our April 25th meeting for contract adjustment. He knew there were problems but chose to mis-inform me about the business's decreased capabilities to keep my deposit money (make the sale).

After contacting Home Depot several times over the next few weeks, I was finally able to get the tarp installed to protect my damaged roof that is now under contract with the HD. I was also in contact with Mr. Messersmith and was informed that there was a problem getting the contractors the proper numbers for the state of WV and these were needed for the building permits that were needed for my job. We had a lengthy discussion about how much more difficult it was to get permits in WV than in surrounding areas like MD and VA.

NOTE #2 This was the second LIE. I contacted the Permitting Department for Jefferson County WV and found out that no building permit was needed for a roof replacement. Mr. Messersmith was using this excuse to cover the fact that the business had no contractors in this area to perform the contracted work and was lying to stall the work progress and keep my deposit.

At this point, I contacted BRANCH OFFICE MANAGER, Chuck Cooke @ [protected] and BRANCH MANAGER, John Brown @ [protected]. This was done through contacting customer service several times and voicing my displeasure with being lied too by the Sales Consultant and the Installation Manager. Mr. Cook explained everything that was going on and understood that I did not want to be dealing with the people that have been lying to me. On Jul 25th I contacted Mr. Cooke after he left a voice mail message for me. He informed me that I should be hearing from scheduling in the next couple of days. I did not hear from scheduling and tried to reach out to people on Monday. Mr. Cooke seemed upset that I am demanding answers as to why no one contacted me and weather or not his business can provide the contracted service. So now, after waiting nearly three months, the contract has been canceled due to lack of contractors and I have to try to get my 5K deposit back from the HD credit card myself.

Jul 31, 2018

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