Home Depot / shower door

November 17th I placed a order by phone, This is in Oak Ridge Tenn and talked to Marilyn, buy the way is she the only one that works there? I gave her all info that was needed, she put it in computer( I think) and ask my name and that was it cause she proceeded to talk about her DOGS! And of all things my name was her fav dog name, so I was nice and found out bunches about dogs.I saw a order on my email about a installer will call, 3 days later no call, I proceeded to call help the help num to see what happened, They referred me back to Marilyn in Oak Ridge, I stated I did not want to talk to her because I was unhappy but was told there was nothing they could do I had to call the sales lady!! I told them no and that was it, I will never order products to be installed again, poor sales people who do not care, no customer support, and last but not least Marilyn. Does she own home Depot? Why is she still working there? No sales from her? Guess she just comes in for her recreation and gets paid for it.She is not making Home Depot money she is working for herself.

Nov 22, 2017

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