Home Depotryobi days sale (a pole saw)

I ordered online a ryobi day deal (buy a 99.00 drill driver kit) and get another select tool up to 89.00 value for free. I ordered on (may 28th 2018) then a little bit later I got a email saying my payment was declined so they canceled my order and choose another payment method. So I reordered with another card and all went good.
Then in the morning (may 29th 2018) I get a voicemail from a gentlemen at home depot, it said the pole saw I ordered was not in stock they couldnt find one anywhere in the store so they were gonna upgrade me to the other ryobi pole saw they had that comes with battery and charger. So come to the store and we have it all together here for you.!!! (now all during this I checked and it said on the online site there were six of the one I was supposed to get in stock in the manahawkin
Store.) ok so I go to the store the lady at the pick up desk rosemary said my order wasnt ready yet even though the voicemail said it was... She said we will call you when its ready I headed home got about 20 min away and get a call from rosemary to come back to store and she told me we cant find that one in stock so the manager told me I could give you this $139 one (with battery and charger included) for $80. (remember now the pole saw was supposed to be the free tool) so when I got to the store she repeated that. Which did not make sense because I was supposed to get a free 89 dollar value tool so the difference would be 50 extra dollars not 80. So she was adamant I had to pay 80 dollars for my free ryobi tool. The voicemail had said they were upgrading me no mention of extra money. I feel they should have stood by that not changing the story when I got there. So I got a assistant manager up there who basically said the same thing, but after alot of back and fourth he finally said I can give you that one without the battery and charger for your free tool. (which I never wanted the one with the charger and battery they were saying I had to take it.) so he finally opened the box and took the battery and charger out and kept them. And I got the tool only pole saw I was trying to get. This all took alot of my time... Going to store when I got voicemail... Being told order wasnt ready even though voicemail said it was... Half hour later called to come back and get the drill but they woulddnt have the pole saw... Then about a hour of argueing with them. Also I had told them I was willing to wait for it to be shipped from another store or the warehouse and they told me there is none anywhere and they are never gonnna have them again. They were only there for memorial day weekend. I find it hard to believe ryobi only sells pole saws on one weekend out of the whole summer and whole year. It was false advertising to let you order free item then when you get there want to charge 80 dollars for it... Also online it should not say its in stock if they have none at all and cant get one from another store or the warehouse!!!

May 29, 2018

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