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peru, IL, United States

I also tried this scam. I went into Home Depot on May 14th the first day of the Menards 11% rebate and asked if they were honoring it. She said yes and gave me a paper with a website to go to redeem my rebate. We purchased a 400.00 mower. I went to the rebate page and there was no current rebate form only old ones. I then called and I was told they were uploading it to wait a few hours. 10 hours later I tried again my date was invalid. I called the rebate center to be told they started their rebate on the 15th even though Mendards started it on the 14th, So sorry was all I got. I called customer care and the store manager and both told me to return the mower and repurchase it. That was the only way. I live 30 minutes from a home depot. I will return it but I will not repurchase it and I have used it. I will also be cutting up my home depot credit card in front of the manager. This company has a lot to learn about how to treat customers. they should just send the rebate without me having to go back into the store.

May 15, 2017

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