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CA, United States
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I ordered a vanity online, it was what my wife wanted (so I had no choice). It came in damaged, which happens. The marble top had a compression break in the top. I called Home Depot to return it which they gladly said they would. The return phone call was on March 31st. Home Depot informed me that it would be 5 business days before the shipping company contacted me for the return and once they had the return, would refund my money. My wife ordered another vanity and paid for it (which I had no choice - happy marriage and all). On April 5th, as I had not received a call from the shipping company, I called Home This is where it starts getting bad. Home Depot .com told me to contact the shipping company directly. I did, and the Shipping Company had no record of the return. I called Home Depot .com back and relayed what the Shipping Company had told me. I happened to get the original person that I had talked to earlier. She told me, "Oh, I see we need more information on the type of damage". I rolled me eyes but kept the sarcasm out of my voice (okay, the best I could) and described (again) the damage. Okay! 5 days they will pick it up. April 11th, called back, still no call from the shipping company, still no refund, and talked to Home Depot .com again. Lot of excuses, lots of "We are sorry sir" and "Just be patient sir" and a heck of a lot of "I have to put you on hold, sir" . Finally, after talking to the supervisor, Home Depot .com has contacted the shipping company and in 5 business days... blah. To summarize, I am forced to take Home Depot to small claims to try and get my money back on the damaged goods return (which I understand happens sometimes). Home Depot .com just won't follow their own protocol but, they said I could return it myself (I am old and cannot physically handle it esp. with my handicap) Never again will I shop at Home Depot .com for any reason, would pay more elsewhere if I had to. I truly hope that no one else has this experience, but one way to insure that is to NEVER SHOP AT HOME DEPOT.COM. Let them go the way of Block Buster Video. They don't deserve to participate in Customer Service.

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