Home Depot / jeldwen patio door installation, service.

Wausau, WI, United States

Never before have I been so thoroughly disgusted an nd or disappointed in custome r service as I was with home depot. We have purchased carpet and had it installed through you, made quite a few large purchases and normally come to you first for our everyday needs, but have never ran into anything like this! We ordered a jeldwen patio door in august from your wausau store to include installation it came in and installed in late september or early october. Love the door and great job of installing! A little over a month ago the lock malfunctioned, couldnt get in or out. Contacted wausau store they said did not know who was responsible, home depot or jeldwen. Nobody returned my call. After a few days I called back they said someone would be in touch. After roughly another week called store manager said he would take care of it some one would contact me, anyway after a month it was finally fixed but home depot did not know who fixed it I got two calls after the fact to set up a time to repair it. Still havent got an apology or anything on the length of time it took. For the time and effort it took to get it repaired I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed, that was terrible home depot!

Dec 10, 2017

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