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Home Depot / rebate rip off

1 Fairfax, VA, United States Review updated:

We purchased a storm door at Home Depot in Fairfax VA a few weeks ago. We had been looking at screen/storm doors for our back deck for awhile, and since the salespeople were touting the $58 installation fee (vs. the usual $149), we decided it was a good time to purchase. It is a somewhat complicated procedure. First you choose your door, then you arrange to have someone come out and measure, then you go back to the store and choose your door (again) and then a 3rd party company comes out to install it. Well first of all, the guy who came out to measure did not call in advance so we had no idea when he would be coming. Then one day, this guy who looked like a homeless person was at my front door, taking measurements. His car was not marked at all, just a plain white sedan, and my dogs were going crazy. If I wasn't expecting someone to measure my door at some point, I would have called the cops. The guy was measuring the wrong door to boot, so I had to open my front door and tell him he was at the wrong door. He looked out of it, but went around back to measure. He left without any further instructions on what we should do next. A few days later we got a call from Home Depot saying we needed to come back to the store and ring up the purchase. That's fine, we go to the store and choose our door and pay. This is where the real fun starts.

The total bill was way higher than we expected. I questioned this and the salesperson said here is the cost of the door and here is the cost of installation. Well, installation was $149. Hmmm...not what we were told, it was supposed to be $58. He said, oh well, we don't do anything about that, you have to get a rebate form and request it of the manufacturer. So, disappointment number one, we have to pay up front and wait six weeks or longer to see our rebate. We paid and waited to get an appointment for installation.

Today the installer came out. Unknown to us, he did not speak English, so when we asked him not to leave the gate open because our dogs would escape, he said OK and did it anyway. Two of our dogs got out (we have three) thanks to him. Luckily they came back, but this caused more stress than needed.

In the meantime, my husband went to Home Depot to get that rebate form since we had forgotten to get it the night we paid. The clerk at the desk did not know what he was talking about. She finally found something in the computer, but she said the offer had expired and anyway, you had to purchase an ANDERSON door. None of this had been mentioned previously of course. And we bought an EMCO door. Well my husband was getting his blood pressure up so they told him to go back to the Door/Window department and talk to those folks. He did, and they said yeah we remember you and yeah we told you it was $58, so go back up to Customer Service and talk to the supervisor named "Rock." Well, "Rock" did not know what to do. This is a supervisor, and the reason they did not want to deal with this is because THEY DID NOT KNOW HOW TO DO IT. They were confused about how to give us a credit that we had been promised from the beginning! Finally, they gave my husband a $60 credit (where they got that number from, I do not know), which is still $31 less than it was originally supposed to be. The confusion on this whole thing is just OUTRAGEOUS.

From now on, we will be going to Lowe's.

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  • Da
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    I also needed a screen/storm door so when I saw the rebate was offered at Home Depot, I looked at what door I wanted and saw that they came in two sizes 32 and 36 inches. I went home to measure the door, went back to HD and bought the door and installation realizing that I had to send in a rebate form. A worker came out after the door arrived, installed it, and I am happy.

    These complaintants caused most of their problems by not reading or asking themselves
    what is expected of them in this deal. I have not always been happy with Home Depot but know when I contribute to a problem. The complaintants seem to me are the kind that normally whine and complain because the world does not treat them fairly. Ten bucks will get you a hundred that they are never satisfied and are known by a few store managers.

    Just calling it the way I see it.

  • Ja
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    My measurer finally came from Home Depot and told me he had never seen a door like mine. He said he could arrange his subcontractor to modify my door before the storm door installation. Sounds like such a rip off! I live in a run of the mill house, how different can my door be?

    When I said I wan't interested, he was not amused. I now wonder what the whole deal would have ended up costing me if I had allowed them to "modify" my door!

  • Ih
      6th of Jan, 2009
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    Well, i just got pissed off and ripped off too. I ordered the securtity door to have it installed and the ads said i would get $112 rebate from the installation. the installation cost like $270 including bug sills and a seal around the door. i thought it was a good deal. so i ordered one and waited over a month to get the door arrive to the home depot. then the installer called me up and set an appointment to have the door installed. so on that day i was waiting and waiting for the installer. Then i got a call from the installer that the door was broken and i had to reoredered it. ###!!! so i had to reordered the door and waited another month. After a month i got the door installed, finally. However, they didn't give me the rebate. i asked them many times about the rebate and how i was gonna get it. i was told i was gonna get it from the installer after the installation. Now nothing. i called homedepot many times, and nobody knew nothing about it. they couldn't find that ad for that rebate. However, i got that note in my order for the rebate. so they said they were gonna call the corp or the manager to ask about that. ###!!! week after week i had to wait. nobody called me back. so i called them again, i was so furious about that crap, they told me there was no rebate for that amount only $40. ### homedepot!! they gave me only ###ing $40 credit. that's ridiculous. i would never ever buy anything from homedepot anymore. People don't get yourself ripped off at homedepot. go somewhere else.

  • Gl
      7th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I purchased a planer at Home Depot - it had a $50 rebate. It also had a manufacturer's warranty. In order to get these you had to send each one an original receipt. I asked the clerk about this (2 infact) and they said that I could send in a copy to Home Depot and get my rebate.

    After not getting my rebate from Home Depot, I called - they said I needed the original receipt - I explained... they said they would look into it. After another call, they said they didn't even have the copy - but the other customer service rep had referenced the copy.

    I believe these folks do everything they can to avoid sending the rebates. This is why the process is cumbersome, so people won't follow through. Home Depot ***.

  • To
      7th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Every experience I've ever had with Home Depot has been a disaster, so this honestly doesn't surprise me. After trying to use them for about 5 different projects in my house, I finally gave up and starting going to Lowes.

    I've never had to deal with a rebate at HD, but I did get one from Lowes a few months ago. I was prepared to just not even worry about trying to get it (b/c rebates are usually more headache than what they're worth) but when I paid, their register printed out a 2nd receipt for me with all the info on it. I just mailed it in to the address on the receipt and got my $5 check in the mail. It did take about 6 weeks to get it, but I think it said that on the receipt, so I wasn't really expecting it any sooner.

    Hope they figure it out soon & send you the $50.

  • Sc
      21st of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am a professional installer for doors and windows. Yes, this is a kind of shameless plug, but if you read it and learn how this works. You’ll see that hiring a pro installer is the best way to go.

    If you buy a door from Home Depot with the install. Then they call a place called “Pro-Floor, ” or someone like them, which was an older flooring installer for them, but now due to past “cronies” has become the district’s main installer putting all the small installer’s (that did the job right) out of business.
    Anyway, Home Depot calls these guys their installer because they hold the License for the work. But, then they send out unqualified installers with no real training to your home to do “who knows what.” If they even get the install done right your still at risk, they could scope you out for all sorts of reasons. Don’t take that chance.

    This is a short version of what the Depot has done with their installations program. Yes, you don’t always get the worst guy they have, but you never get the best. Great installers are out there. Like us. But they are not available through the Depot, because the third party “clearing house “ for the labor work will not hire good guys like us. They want to keep 78% of the install money, and send you a hack instead.

    We install for around the same amount or less, and do the job perfect.. We have no silly rebates that some marketing rep thought up, and we hold the licence, insurance and have complete background checks to assure you and your family’s safety.

    Doing business this way help us all and save you money, while getting the expert quality job you want.

    Just good installations done right.

    Scott @ (nine five two. Four seven four, two four four eight)
    Windows and Doors made Simple installation Co.
    952-474-2448 mpls mn.

  • Em
      15th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Home Depot is the biggest ripoff, they say one price then after the installation is done the sales women whom we had called and asked "How do you like your new door, we said it was done great, then has the nerve to ask an additional $238.90. that the orginal price of $695.70 was only paying 10% down and the remaining $238.90 had to be paid in cash. This was hand written. I have reported Home Depot twice to the Better Business Bureau in Trenton NJ. I am on Food Stamps, and told the salespeople from the beginning that I could only afford the $695.70, and not any more, and no where on my contract does it say 10% after the intitial 695.70. I will have the Edison police and my free attorney that I am entitled to through Somerset County Welfare sue the Edison Home Depot and Lori Sowienski for haressing me. I am 79 years old and I do not appreciate being haressed with any more monies, that they want to pocket for themselves. especially Lori Sowienski

  • De
      9th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    BEWARE the HOME DEPOT REBATE PROCESS! We just painted a whole house in FL expecting a discount off of each gallon of paint we bought. We found out it was a rebate. Okay that's not that convenient but what the heck, its alot of money in rebates. So I went online to submit my rebate with all my receipts. They only accepted one receipt. I called the hotline to ask how to submit the rest of my receipts online and I was told by the customer service representative that they only accept one receipt on-line and th erest can be submitted by mail. Do they undertstand that it will cost them more to write the rebate check then I am getting back in a rebate? Wouldn't you want to be able to automatically check multiple receipt numbers to see how many gallons are on the receipts and then automatically calculate the rebate amount. Are they hoping I don't submit the receipts manually so they don't owe me a check? Probably. I am going to go through the pain of submitting the manual rebate JUST so they have to do all the work to cut me a check!

  • Al
      11th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    The Home Depot rebate process is a big rip-off. They give you a form with writing so small that a magnifying glass is needed to read it, They provide two ways to send for a rebate and set a 30 day end date to make a submission. I did not read the form as carefully as I should and the end date passed. I suspect few customers actually obtain the rebate they are entitled due to the relatively short time for submission. I will stick with going to Costco and other stores where instant rebates are the norm.

  • Ka
      12th of Sep, 2016
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    I purchase 4- 5 gallon buckets of Behr Deck-over and 3 one gallon cans of Restore Deck Primer during the Memorial Day Sale weekend this year because they were offering a rebate of $40 per bucket of paint/stain on the 5 gallons and $10 per one gallon containers. My total rebate for all items purchased should have been $190. My husband submitted the rebate online exactly per the instructions (because I know rebate companied try to trip you up so they don't have to pay). after about a week I asked him to check the status of the rebate. He checked online and noticed that they had only creditied us one of the Restore one gallon container listed so he called and (after waiting an eternity) finally got someone on the phone who said they would be sending out $30 rebate for the 3 one gallon cans of Restore but the Behr containers were only 4.5 gallons so they didn't qualify for the rebate. Note that all 5-gallon containers of paint only contain 4.5 gallons of the base paint until the coloring tint is added (which it was at the store) which then makes the total 5 gallons, however, if you look at ANY 5 gallon bucket of base paint at Home Depot it will have a label that says 4.5gallons. After several phone calls to the rebate company trying to get our money, our rebate claim mysteriously disappeared from their system. In addition, we never received our $30 that they said they were going to send out for the Restore products. We had yet to put the paint products on our deck, so we loaded them up and took them back to Home Depot to get our money back. The manager there explained that we could not return the paint as was noted on the labeling they placed on the containers after adding the tint. This of course, is not mentioned in their company return policy and I told them that the products were sold to us fraudently as we never received the rebate that was promised. The manager then spent about 1 1/2 hours on the phone with the rebate company, Behr representative, and who knows else, trying to get our rebate straightened out. He kept getting the run around as well. The rebate company suggested that we didn't properly submit our rebate and during the time frame noted, however, since they already said that the Restore product rebate went through, and all of our purchases were on the same receipt dated during the promotional period, they really couldn't say that it wasn't submitted properly, or that we didn't submit for the Behr Deck-over. Why would we submit to get $30 in rebates on the one gallon containers and not submit to get $160 on the 5 gallon buckets? The store manager had to explain that the containers were indeed 5 gallons because they have to leave room for the tint to be added, thus the initial 4.5 gallon labeling. HE also told them that the products were all purchased on the same receipt during the promotional period and that he was looking at the recipe and the products as he spoke with them on the phone. He was able to get to someone who told him that Behr would get to the bottom of the issue and get back to us within a day. Finally, two days later, at the end of August, we received notice that our rebate check would be mailed out and to expect it within 7-10 days. It is now September 12th and still no check. At last call (today) to Behr directly, I was informed that their system said the check was mailed, there was a tracking number but they had no information on that tracking number. I asked the representative to confirm my address, and he said didn't have our address in his computer system. He indicated that it may be in a separate system. So, here I sit, waiting again for a check that hasn't come. I will not put the product on my deck until I receive it or I dump the paint back on Home Depots doorstep.

  • Il
      25th of Jan, 2017
    0 Votes

    I purchased Deck over during their July 4th sale. It came with a $20 rebate so I bought 2. Sent out the rebate before any deadline and never heard a thing back, no check no response. I basically paid full price, great rebate system!

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