Home Depot Design / air conditioner/heater installation

Today is our saddest Thanksgiving because we just installed our new air conditioner/Heater yesterday, and suddenly, we became the biggest joke among our friends, because we spent $12000 on our air conditioner in our 2000 square feet house.

Yes, my husband only trusts Home Depot, and yes, I do believe Home Depot sells everything item by item and over charge us, but what can we do, we had already paid it and nothing can be changed. What Home Depot should consider is, when the salesman tried to sell the package to customer, does he really consider the best benefit of the customer? is it necessary /economic to customer or Home Depot just want to have a quick sale? Will the customer be happy about the outcome (spent $4000 more)and return to Home Depot to buy more service? or we just become another Home Depot walking negative commercial to our friends?

Do you still trust Home Depot? I asked my husband, he remains silent for 5 seconds and he told me, he was not sure. Home Depot lost another loyal/valuable customer like my husband.

Nov 23, 2017

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