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To whom it may concern... we visited your store on Saturday evening around 9 pm... we had purchased $130 worth of items... as we were leaving I saw a Christmas planter that I preferred over the one I had purchased... so we went back into the store and headed to the return register... before we even got there a young lady was screaming in the front... very rude... so I approached the front customer service register and she proceeds with "yes"... no hello no how may I help you just a extremely rude "yes" so I said hello and there was no response except an ignorant mocking laugh under her breath... she then proceeded to do my return which she wouldn't let me explain exactly what I was returning and she returned the wrong amount of items... at this point my husband and I were both aggravated... so she says "I don't even have to do your return" I then asked for a manager... the manager was a middle aged lady and was extremely nice and helpful, however we will not be returning to your store... which is sad because we just purchased a house 3 months ago and have many projects we can't wait to start... I have never been treated so rudely and stated to the young lady she is in the wrong profession... customer service is not for her... it was at your Fruitville like location on Saturday night at around 9:30... I did not get the girls name but she was working customer service (scary) and had tattoos on her neck... I'm sure the manager will remember us... I never write emails like this but I feel as someone who works in customer service that your company needs to know and she should be reprimanded...
Stephanie M Uch

Nov 27, 2017
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  • Po
      Nov 27, 2017

    "stated to the young lady she is in the wrong profession... customer service is not for her..."
    Even though this may be the truth, it is not a polite thing to say. She may usually be quite good at customer service and had been having a very off day. Since you spoke to a manager, it is likely the employee will be reprimanded in private.

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