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philadelphia, MS, United States

I just left the home Depot store 4112, I just experienced the worst and most disrespectful service I've ever had at this store, I went to buy 120 cinder blocks, 10, 4feet rebars, 20 bags of ready mix cement, two shovels and an hand ax, all I wanted was to pay and have it delivered, first I went to the pro shop were I have my account, rep Chris was disrespectful and after cursing at me walked away just cause we wanted to have the items delivered, I the went to Customers sevice desk, were I waited over an hour to then be told no management was available and to go back to pro shop to place my order, the guy then brushed me off and called an other customer and tried to attend them, I ask to speak to a manager and told if I didn't like it to leave but he was not calling anyone, , never once I've I ever had or seen such disrespectful people in my life, I've been shopping at that same store for the past 5 years, and this will be my last time..that is no way to treat a long-term customer. ..

Home Depot

May 8, 2017

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