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Home Depot Canada / bad business practice

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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First, the Sales Guy in Major Appliances was excellent and handled this to the best of his ability, as with two managers within the store.

Order placed on Boxing Day 2007, first thing in the morning. Delivery date set for Thursday January 3rd, 2008. Delivery company calls on Friday Dec 29th to confirm delivery for 2-6PM on Thursday, January 3rd.

Day is taken off, 6PM shows up and nobody is there. Calls to store, Leon (sales guy) and a manager get on the horn with the delivery company. The delivery company says "All items on the truck are out for delivery, call back if it isn't here by 10PM). Ok, HD is closed at 10PM. Nice. Call back at 9:30pm, say "Where is everything" - same manager says she will leave a note for Leon to deal with this at 8AM on Friday January 4th.

Another day taken off. Lucky I have a bit of spare vacation this year.

Leon says the delivery company said they came by the house at 11AM on January 3rd and nobody was home. First: Total horse pucks, as we were home and nobody, absolutely NOBODY came by the house that morning (aside from the Postman). Second: Call display logs indicate that nobody called that day from the delivery company. Ok, so they don't have to call - but you think that is they were showing up three hours earlier than expected than they might do a COURTESY call and say "Hey, we're going to be in the area, can we stop by early?".

Leon gets this escalated through no less than 20 phone calls to / from the delivery company. We end up calling the delivery company directly after Leon, and they say they don't know where it is or how to get in touch with the drivers of the truck it is on (yeah, right - this is the day AFTER it is to be delivered).

I tell them that this is is total baloney, this is day #2 that I've had to take off, they've clearly lied or at best, misrepresented their situation to us, and that this was to be fixed today and to get a special truck out this afternoon. End of discussion.

Well guess what shows up? A truck, small, with my appliances. Mind you this is four hours later, around 3PM in the afternoon. Driver wants to drop them off in the driveway and leave them there for the two movers to come put them in. Yeah right. Got on the phone with the manager at HD and the delivery company and told them to keep the guy there, which they did.

Anyways, once they showed up, all was good. But thats a wasted full day of vacation that they CONFIRMED they were showing up on (and never did, despite their "we showed up early" claims), and one more FULL day again with a special delivery that they said they couldn't do.

Long story short: Not REALLY Home Depot's DIRECT problem, and granted, they seemed to be putting pressure on the company from their end, but Home Depot's major problem is they just don't really take OWNERSHIP of the problem, we should not have had to call the delivery company once, but we did. Basically, once they get the money, they are pretty much "oh well, it's their problem".

They need to start firing their contrators/agencies/suppliers... seriously. This is the LAST time I would ever buy anything from them that required delivery.

(On that note, I am returning my extended warranties under the 90 day no questions asked return policy, seriously, if this is how delivery is, how is their extended support going to be?)


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