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Home Depot at Home Services installed a roof on my house 6 years ago. I bought the top-of-the-line Timberline Ultra lifetime shingles. They made a mistake and installed a thinner lower quality shingle (the Timerline 30 year shingle).

My insurance company recently caught the error after the roof was totaled in a hail storm. After a month of calling I have been unable to get Home Depot to come and look at the roof and the GAF (shingle manufacturer) inspector will not come look at it either. GAF issues the warranty for Timberline shingles installed by Home Depot, guaranteeing proper installation and protection against material defects, etc. So far, GAF has said that putting the wrong shingles on my house does not qualify as "misapplication".

The first time I called Home Depot about this issue they stated that their records indicated that the thinner 30 year shingle was installed on my roof. I told them that I paid for the thicker lifetime shingle so they pulled the original paperwork from archives. The original paperwork shows that the contract was for the thick Timberline Ultra lifetime shingles and they have paper that shows they paid their distributor for the thick Timberline Ultras so now Home Depot is taking the position that the thick shingles are on my roof, despite the inconsistencies in their records, despite the determination by my insurance company that the shingles are a 30 year thickness, and despite the fact that neither Home Depot nor GAF has come back to my roof to take a look.

My insurance company will only replace my totaled roof with a thin 30 year shingle because that is what is on my roof. I want thick lifetime shingles on my house because that is what I originally paid for. Home Depot and GAF are trying to avoid responsibility for this mistake. If they had installed the thick Timerline Ultra lifetime shingles that I contracted for then the roof may not even have been totaled in the first place.

A HUGE mistake (or possibly fraud) by Home Depot's roofers and after a month of dealing with them I can tell that they are only concerned about their own skins. Nobody will help me.

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  •   Sep 29, 2010


    My name is Sheronda and I am with the Home Depot Customer Care department. I apologize for the experience that you've had with your roof and would like to investigate this for you. Please email me the details to [protected] Thank you.

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