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Holiday Inn Hotels / corporate greed

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My wife and her 2 sisters and brother stayed this past weekend at the Holiday Inn Express in Jacksonville, NC, which is close to the Marine Base there to meet our nephew return after his 2nd tour in Iraq. Even though the hotel was under renovations and would not have electricity at times throughout the weekend, they failed to notify people that had reservations, of that fact and insisted that they could not do anything about it except give them a small discount. I think this is absolutely awful. This is what is wrong with our country, GREED!!! These men have given there all and all corporate America can think of is the bottom line.

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      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    Holiday Inn
    Painted Post, New York

    I went to the Holiday Inn to talk to the manager about music back to the holiday inn, Painted Post, and he was all for the idea .I began by explaining to him how this place used to be the place to be in our area about 4 years ago.I explained that it would take some time to make it become what it used to be, and more. My idea was to have Thursday night be ladies night with a live dj and reggea music. Friday would be a live dj with two performers of now day music, reggea dance party after the performances. Saturday would be live band night, including rock and country.The general manager Mike Morgan asked what would it cost to make all this happen. I told him I would provide the PA system and the dj for the thursdays and fridays. At the beginning we could use the door fees to pay for the bands on saturdays, but if the dooor did not make enough, he would have to cover the difference.He said that would be fine saying, " I know the first couple weeks will be slow, but I know the outcome will be worth it." At this time, I proceeded to ask him if they could use the radio for promotions and he told me that he would handle that advertising on 94 rock or wink 106. I also let him know, for bands he should advertise on the rock station. I thought that this was going to be a start of a great nightlife in this area, one that is lacking.I went home and designed a flyer and was on the phone and internet everyday trying to book bands. I booked bands up to the 4th of July, seeing as myself and Mike had a verbal agreement to make something happen as far as the music at the Holiday Inn. I came by the hotel every week to make sure thing were going as planned he said that he was going to advertise on the radio. Several times he told me, "I will get it done." Each time nothing happened.By myself I had beeen booking bands, making flyers, and and advertising on myspace. I put alot of time and money into this. I wanted to have everything go well. Knowing the nightlife in this area, I know that you have to advertise on the radio and there is always a slow start unless we all do our part. The first night was an okay night. We made about $60.00 at the door. Everything went well, besides Mike running back and forth from the bar across the street(to get a drink) and running back to the Holiday Inn. Each time comming back to the bar, he would say to me, "hey partner, this is going to work. Sorry I did not advertise on the radio. So anything you want, food or drinks, its on me!" I told him okay. I did not drink anything that night besides 3 or 4 cokes and had an order of chicken fingers and fries.The night had no problems and everyone there told me that they were going to let their friends know about next Thursday because the music was awsome. The second night went terrible. There was only about 10 people who showed up .The only nice thing was that all the people who showed up both nights really hit the bar. This was good. I could only imagine what it would have been like if this was advertised on the radio. That night Mike was being nice, still apologizing about not advertising on the radio. He said to me, "this is the begining. I know it's slow, but we will advertise on the radio, and both make alot of money." I said, "cool. So is everything okay?" He assured me yes. Band night, the third night, everything was going well. MIKE was being nice and helping out. He told me about the dicount rooms, and let me know the band members get free draft beer.The bands had a crowd that came with them who also rented rooms. I told MIKE that I had only made 120 dollars at the door, so we will probally need to get some more money unless we get more people to show. HE TOLD ME, "NO, THATS NOT THE WAY ITS GOING TO WORK NOW. BUT I CAN GIVE FREE ROOMS TO THE BAND." I told MIKE that was not the deal and the bands had already payed for there rooms. Then he told me, "TO BAD, THATS MY OFFER NOW." I told him that will not fly and that we had a deal. MIKE procceeded to the bar across the street, to get more drunk than he already was. Which is not professional for a hotel of this statue. I proceeded to talk to my people and have them drive around Corning with a banner that I had made trying to get people to come down. I am a man of my word. The Holiday Inn should be the same. I am not trying to undermind the manager of a hotel. I was trying to help make more money for both the hotel and myself. I payed out my pocket $900.00 for the PA (sound) system and $100.00 a night for the dj. I also took $120.00 from the door admission I had made to pay the band. This left the HOLIDAY INN with $390.00 to pay for three nights of music. Knowing that in time, with the proper advertisement, we would make it back. I had a month of bands lined up for every saturday, and a dj for every thursday and friday night. Later on that saturday, band night, we had the bar manager try to get in touch with MIKE and he did not answer. Doing the correct thing, the bar manager payed the bands the rest of the money. MIKE called back screamming at her, and then procceeeded to scream at me on the phone. Knowing he was intoxicated, I told him we can talk more on Monday. THE BAR MANAGER WAS SO UPSET AND CRYING, THAT SHE LEFT AFTER QUITTING HER JOB BECAUSE OF THE YELLING THAT MIKE WAS DOING ON THE PHONE. I then went down to the Holiday Inn Monday to speak to MIKE to see if we could work this out. He was very rude and bold face LIED about the verbal agreement we had about band night. MIKE ALSO CALLED THE BAR THAT NIGHT AND TOLD EVERYONE THAT THEY HAD TO GET THE F--K OUT, OR HE WAS CALLING THE POLICE. He also informed me that they were going to take legal action agianst the bar manager for $500.00. Thats not event what the Holiday Inn payed. They paid $390.00 all together. If any legal actions should be taken, it should be agianst MIKE for not being honest about the verbal agreement we had. If thats the case, free rooms for the band, and the following covered the cost out of pocket that was payed to the bands. I would like to inform the Holiday Inn of a greater problem. That is the band cancellation fees, dj cancellation fees, and also equiptment cancelled fees. There was a verbal agreeement with MIKE MORGAN and myself, that I had 1 month to see how the "music to life" venue would go. There are 1500 flyers out in this area with listings of shows. They have the Holiday Inn name on them. You would think that the Holiday Inn could have finished off the month off as planned. AS A BREACH OF A VERBAL CONTRACT, WE ARE HOLDING THE HOLIDAY INN RESPONSIBLE FOR CANCELING THE BANDS AT THE SUM OF $200.00 PER BAND. WICH ADDS UP TO $1200.00. I AM ALSO HOLIDING THE HOLIDAY INN RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PA RENTAL AGREEMENT WITH SOUNDWORKS, TO THE SUM OF $2400.00 FOR PAYMENTS ON PA SYSTEM FOR THE WEEKENDS OF EACH SHOW THAT WAS CANCELLED. The reason for this letter is to inform you that the problem was not the promoters, or the music, it was false information given by MIKE MORGAN, your general manager and sale rep at the Holiday Inn.This will become a legal matter if an agreement is not reached .

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