HMSHostburger king over charge and cashier who doesn't care

Chk 2149 angela store no 4njbkg47 I ordered 2 double whopper meals.. I got my burgers... Was given french fries and when to get out drinks.. Kid did not know what size to give us... He had to ask... We checked out and I paid for it and when to sit down then it hit me... I was over charged... I when back to cashier and told her.. Meal is shown $9.19 and she charged us $10.19 each plus tax... She said I got a medium fry... I inform her I did not get anything I was given this... She says she charges for what I have... I ask to talk to her manager.. She looks around and says I do not see him but will send him over to me... I ate my cold fries... C o l d... Not even luke warm.. So was my wife fries... It took us 45 min to talk and eat our meal but no manager came to see us... If she did this to 150 people that is $150 dollars that she is cheating people just in one day.

May 18, 2017

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