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Its enough...How many times can this channel play this show..It was interesting for the first run.This show and that Mike guy is about as annoying as nails on a blackboard..They need to show...if they really turn around and sell their 300 dollar rusted signs for 500...It is boring and the tall guy needs a xanax..or get some partner.I would rather watch paint dry then watch ollie and mike crawl into someones trash heap..Its a shame..The show started well.I would like to see if anyone buys 3rd hand junk?...or just give Danielle a show..Get a grip producers..the show is lacking alot...people dont like the skinny guy, , Way to intense for going through other peoples stuff...500 dollars for a sign??..its over inflated tv

Jan 14, 2017
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  • Po
      15th of Jan, 2017

    Are you serious? Watch another channel or check your tv guide for air times. I don't like to watch public access therefore I do not watch those channels. Very simple. Convey your interest with your viewing habits.

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