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Half of the links do not work and there is no way to watch full episodes that you have on the episodes page. I very much wanted to see an episode of The Selection but your website is poorly made. I can not even access the menu in the upper right corner. If I were you I would hire some programmers that actually know how to use HTML.

  • Updated by hogfarm · Jan 30, 2019

    Another screwd over Lifetime Member


  • Da
    Damor Jan 22, 2019

    Please please please put bloody history on this channel snd NOT garbage like Storage Wars, Swamp People & American Pickers to name but a few!!! More programmes about the Tudors PLEASE!!
    D Amor

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  • Ji
    Jimmybolt Jan 22, 2019

    I am watching the history channel on a streaming device but the content is not what is on the TV guide Is there 2 different history channels ? Send to Jim. [email protected]

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  • Ho
    hogfarm Feb 11, 2019

    I joined in Sept 2004, haven't heard anything for a very long time. What has happened.

    The address where payments were sent to:

    PO BOX 3512
    MINNETONKA, MN 55343-3512

    Member # 80006548

    Paid $316.00

    Duane Graham
    3223 E Washington St
    East Peoria, IL

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  • Do
    Donald2007 Mar 23, 2019

    You are destroying all these shows with the narrating you have made them completly unwatchable. Also how about a little History on "The History Channel" and loose the forged in fire crap...

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  • Ja
    Jamil ansari Apr 21, 2019

    I have independent compny setupbox

    Show default language English we are unble to change hindi language kindly saport.

    Jamil Ansari

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  • Po
    P-Oed in Canada Apr 27, 2019

    I have just watched your live programming for the last time. You fill your time slots with so much promotion that it completely destroys any enjoyment I might otherwise receive. All future viewing will be PVRed viewing only, thus bypassing your endless, repetitive and annoying promotions.

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  • Pa
    paula sweat Apr 30, 2019

    This program will promote animal cruelty.

    Displaying lifeless bodies of tortured animals is not in the Publix best interest .

    Watchers may be tempted to try this at home.

    Please stop showing this program.

    It will be very sadistic and unsuitable for most audiences.

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  • Pe
    Petetfuxk Apr 30, 2019

    Forged in fire is on all the time. I don't think this show is a history show. See schedule for Viasat History. That is a history channel.

    Your lineup sucks. See below. Where does towing come into play. Wake up

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  • Pa
    paula sweat May 01, 2019

    This show promotes animal cruelty and is obscene to your vegetarian watchers.

    This show exemplifies the uncaring hard hearts of many.

    History Channel will no longer be watched in this household.

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  • Pa
    paula sweat May 02, 2019

    This show promotes animal cruelty and is obscene to your vegetarian watchers.

    This show exemplifies the uncaring hard hearts of many.

    History Channel will no longer be watched in this household.

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  • Ri
    Rickyk Jun 04, 2019

    I really like the history channel and the programs you provide. My complaint is that the background music is too loud. Many times I cannot hear the dialogued because of the music. It makes it very frustrating

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  • Do
    Docskiis Jun 15, 2019

    How is that the History Channel is not televising movies or documentaries regarding World War II events on June 6th (2019) the 75th anniversary of D-Day, one of the most historic events ever. Instead they present the continuous episodes of Mountain Men - really???

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  • Mi
    Mikebirish Aug 05, 2019

    Spent quite a bit of money to become a lifetime member for the history channel club in 2004. Never received any notices or anything after a channel
    Claimed bankruptcy. No lifetime magazines or anything. Member #80016660
    Mike Brown

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  • Jo
    John Grossmith Aug 17, 2019

    Another example of not making good on an agreement. Pay a Lifetime Membership and here are the Benefits. Oh Oh we forgot to tell you the offer is a time limited Life Membership. You trusted the word Lifetime and our definition is TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN.

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  • Wi
    Widdy50 Sep 07, 2019

    Suggs says he has family values so why does he swear in the advertising trailer .ie...he say "you lucky BUGGERS "
    Theses trailers are shown at all times of is not language I wish ny grandchildren to hear..
    It's bad enough that they have to hear it out in the streets etc.He must be able to come up with a more acceptable word.

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  • Oh
    OhioSenors Sep 25, 2019

    Narration is unnecessary and it's completely irritating and stupid. I can imagine that blind people would even find this irritating. Who is the numb nuts that came up with this idea? Switch it back or we will quit watching all together. STUPID STUPID STUPID IDEA!!!

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  • Ab
    Abhishek_fridjo Oct 27, 2019

    Nower days the video has it's own path and the audio plays after 3 sec I literally can't watch anything on history channel so I please request you ppl to solve this issue as fast as possible cauz I am a big fan of history channel and I can't accept this from you ppl

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  • Kr
    Kristi Howell Nov 19, 2019

    There is no history on the history channel. Ancient aliens has history, but it's the only show that is good. Shows I hate Swamp people, Pawn stars, Forged in fire, Curse of Oak Island, and many other shows. Please get your programming back to history

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  • Cr
    Crystal k Jan 15, 2020

    There way to many commercials during the tv show most of each episode consists of commercials. Why air a show if all the show consists of is commercials?

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  • St
    Steven J Groben Feb 02, 2020

    Stop with the alien crap

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  • Rm
    Rmmmaeg Feb 29, 2020

    It was a great topic and very informative but the commercials were horrible. Way too many that caused me to lose interest I will not watch any other shows due to this if you want people to enjoy these great topics and shows you need to figure out a way to put more programming and less commercials

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