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So we have purchased many appliances and electronics fron HHGregg so decided to pick up a 61 in. Mitsubishi DLP when they were on sell. We ended up spending a little under 3000.00 and purchased the 3 YR ESP for the TV. Well this was purchased March 13, 2008 and today it went nutso and actually looked as though our TV was in Jail. We called he local HHGregg who said it wasn't a store problem and to contact Corp Service and warranty who then told us they would send someone out in a week.

A freaking week?? So my husband calls me to tell me whats going on so I call the store and spoke witht he manager and explained that we have been loyal customers, purchased the ESP for this TV which is LESS than a yr old and we should have a replacement if we are having to wait a week. She tells me only the corporate office cold issue "loaners" and to contact them before 4pm. This was at 3:40pm today. So I promptly caled and waited on hold till 4pm! I guess they were waiting to see if I'd hang up so they could go home for the weekend without dealing with me...wrong!

I was then told my TV wasn't old enough to have a loaner issued and that it was still under the manufactor warranty and the ESP issued by HHGregg wasnt in effect. Fine, then stand behind what you sale to your customer because we are FAR from happy about being without a TV for a week because thi 11month old piece of crap took a dump!

No go..she said it's not HHGregg's fault and they do stand behind their products, but apparently not!
I will NEVER again purchase another item from them and you should also think twice before buying anything there..unless of course you like crappy products with an even crappy service dept and customer relations dept!

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  • Mg
      9th of Sep, 2010

    HHGregg does not manufacture their TVs. Every retailer is a re-seller of merchandise. They all have return policies and after that you deal with the manufacturer. Its not about standing behind "their" products because they aren't theirs. Anyone who lodges a complaint like this doesn't understand retail or the way business works. Go take a class.

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  • Pe
      16th of Aug, 2011

    Employees of stores such as hhgregg, are pressured to sell service contracts. It does not matter if the store or a third party is the holder of the contract, it is essential that salespeople sell a certain quota of such contracts, in order to stay employed. However, the contracts also put extra money in the pockets of the salespeople. As a consequence, some salespeople will tell their customers anything to get that warranty sale.

    Another thing to think about is that if you are offered a service contract, and you do not buy one, you might be in for some retaliatory grief, if you have a problem later on with your purchase. Since the salespeople are under so much pressure to sell service contracts, you might be greeted with some hostility, even if the item is still under the manufacturer's warranty. If the warranty has expired, and you did not buy a service contract-good luck!

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  • Pe
      16th of Aug, 2011

    @Angeline If everything happened exactly the way you described, and considering that you had purchased a service contract, extended warranty, or whatever - then you did indeed get ripped off.

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  • Th
      20th of Aug, 2011

    In year 1, it is under the mfr warranty. HH Gregg does not have a service dept or repair facility. You could go online yourself or call Mitsubishi who will refer you to the closest authorized service. In year 1, or through your extended warranty period, you don't have to pay. So what's the beef? Same deal, same situation with Best Buy and others.
    One week for a TV, not bad.

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  • He
      13th of Sep, 2011

    The Manufactor plan that comes with the TV does not cover everything. It clearly states on the manuel that it's a limited service. So even if it's been less than a year your tv is screwed up imagine what would happen if you didn'r have a protection plan. You'd spend $125 for the inspection and than a few hundred for repairs. Instead you wait a week and it's covered for you.

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  • Sp
      12th of Oct, 2011

    People who have complaints like this are generally those who have the impression that retail and warranties work the same as they did in the 1930's and 40's. These days, with the highly competitive market for electronics created by consumers expecting to purchase products at prices that barely justify the cost of producing the product, it just isn't possible for things to be as they were then. Basically, consumers are creating there own nightmares and bad experiences. Your complaint isn't entirely incorrect. It's just the wrong decade for complaints like this. If you wish to shovel blame on to anyone, then feel free to throw it on me, you, and everyone else who has gone to purchase a electronic product and expected to do so at a price that was absurdly low.
    Having to wait a week for repair isn't due to an unwillingness to assist you by any party involved. Did you stop to consider that quite possibly the repair technicians are busy working on other customers issues? Even if they have numerous technicians, I'm sure they are swamped on a daily basis. As far as a replacement goes, doesn't making such a request seem like it's a bit outlandish and impatient? It's a tv, not a car. I could understand if it was something that would cause a detrimental inconvenience if it were to break down, but it's a tv. This summer, due to severe weather and downed wires, the area where I live spent 7 days without electricity. A week without a big screen tv or a week without electricity, which would you describe as being considerably more inconvenient?
    Now I will jump down off of my titanium / carbon fiber soap box and simply add this...
    I have worked in retail for nearly 20 years, and when a salesperson such as myself recommends a service plan, it's not just for the sake of padding our paychecks. We also do it for your sake. Salespeople see on a daily basis what customers have to pay and the ordeal they have to go through to get a product repaired if they do not have a service plan on the product.

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  • Th
      19th of Oct, 2011

    @heaton and @spdfrk - service plan companies take no liability for the mfr warranty period. Period. Mfrs cover the product if it doesn't work other than physical damage. The protection plans do nothing in the mfr warranty period and many times make it worse due to restricted use of only service companies who will accept the plan adminstrator's fees during the coverage period. As we all said, one week is not long whether through a mfr or under plan. Per OP, did the Mitsubishi come with 2 years as it was stated "it was still under warranty?"
    FYI = salespeople recommend service plans because it's your job, most places either pay a commission or exert heavy pressure to sell them or both. There's not ONE "sales" person out there with any FACTUAL knowledge of repair histories with specific products. NO product justifies a service contract. The entire industry is selling MYTHS.

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  • Ir
      4th of Sep, 2013

    Do not spend your hard on money at HH Gregg nor purchase their extended warranty.

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