HHgregg / think twice before shopping here

United States

I purchased a washer, dryer, and refrigerator on July 31. All items were in stock and my credit card was charged on that day. Delivery was arranged for 9 days later--two days before I moved into my new home. On the morning of the scheduled delivery, the delivery team called to set up the delivery window and informed me that the refrigerator was now out of stock, there were none in the warehouse, and they had no firm date when they would be received by the warehouse. I pointed out that my credit card had been charged on the day of purchase and my sales receipt noted that all items were in stock, so they must have sold my refrigerator to someone else. My salesperson called to tell me that it is hhgregg warehouse policy to sell an item to a person who wants delivery immediately. It didn't matter that I had already purchased it. They did later deliver the floor model--dented and scratched and with the door on the wrong side. Think twice people. Do you want to deal with this warehouse policy?

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