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Today my husband and I entered the hhgreg store in Jacksonville, FL. We were greated at the door. I picked up a large umbrella to purchase and the young lady immediately asked how was I going to pay for my purchase. At this point I was barely in the store so what difference did it make? She then shadowed us all around the store. When we were ready to check out with a few items she asked us again how we intended to pay. With a debit card my husband replied. She asked us for personal info that we did not wish to give her. Then we were told she could not sell us the items without this information. I'm paying with a debit card this info is not necessary. She told us she was unable to procede with the sell without our name, address, telephone number, etc. I'm thinking that hhgreg sells personal information so beware! We walked out! We will NEVER go back!

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      Sep 14, 2011

    Even when using a debit card most places of business need a billing address and the name on the card. The fact that you didn't want to give this makes it look like you're the ones in the wrong. Grow up. As for the following you around the store I love how this complaint works. Because if she had not stayed with you you would be on this site ### about not being able to find someone to assist you. The reason they ask what form of payment you are using is because there's only certain registers that except cash. If you wanted to use cash then you'd be a idiot to stand in a line that only accepts credit/debit but after reading your complaint the idiot part doesn't surprise me,

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