HH Gregg / poor service lies

Indianapolis, IN, United States

I recently went on line and ordered a washer from HHGregg. I received a phone call from the store manager saying that the model that I purchased was discontinued and I would have to cancel my order which was originally scheduled for the next day. I purchased this model on line and you would think that they would only sell what they have in stock. The night before I received this call I had been on the phone for 45 minutes waiting for a customer service person to answer. "message was due to high call volumn wait time could exceed 10 minutes" I understand this but not 45 minutes that is extreme. Now the manager told me I have to call the same number to get a refund. This time on hold for 29 minutes. Then 7-10 days for refund. This is not the only time this is happened they had an appliance package on line so I wanted to see so I called the store. They said no problem we have it and you can get same price. Guess what drove 45 minutes and looked and the girl went to write up order etc and then told me she would have to get the manager to override and when she came back said price only good the night before and no longer available. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS PLACE AGAIN EVEN IF I HAVE TO PAY DOULBE BUYER BEWARE

Jan 23, 2015

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