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Hewlett Packard / steer clear of hp company!

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I have never written a review and I rarely am so adamant that people should steer clear of a company! I bought a HP Laptop in October of 2006. By early 2007 I was already having problems. The only solution was to send the computer in. I sent the computer in with the box, etc. supplied and it was returned approximately 10 days later wiped totally clean. All programs and files had to be reinstalled. Within a couple of weeks the computer was running slow again. I was told it was not because of HP. Now it is July 2007 and the entire computer went blank. There is nothing on the screen and will not open. All the computer will do is power on. HP tried to fix it remotely, but once again I was told it must be sent in. So here goes another period without a computer. I also mentioned there was not a way to backup the computer because it did not function and I was told I could spend $100 and find a company to image it. So now I am going to pay $100 for someone to image a computer that does not work b/c HP has not fixed it and it is still under warranty??? Give me a break! What kind of service is that???

It only gets worse!

I receive the box to send the computer in, put the enclosed FedEx sticker on it and send it away. The next day when it was to be delivered to HP, I tracked it only to find out that the sticker THEY gave me had the wrong address on it. The box was at HP with a wrong address. I called HP and this is when the Customer Service nightmare really began.

1) If I didn't call they would have never known it was lost.
2)The said they would call FedEx and try to find it.

At this point I called Executive Customer Relations in the Corporate Office. I spoke to a gentleman named Bob and explained that the computer is lost and it is ridiculous that I have a computer that is less than a year old and has had so many problems. Without offering a temporary replacement computer, it is hard to do work when a computer is in the shop. I also said I have never had problems with Dell and Toshiba, why am I having so many problems. This is not normal! He was nice and explained he would note my account and have a case manager on it right away.

A woman named Jean called and said they found the computer and it would be delivered to HP the next day. I told her of my frustration and this had now postponed it being delivered to me by another day. I also said I should not be dealing with these problems when the computer is not that old. Additionally, the online repair ticket did not note the correct problem. She was very rude, told me I should have bought a business computer if I wanted to do work on it (I only use it for email) and that if I didn't have problems with other brand computers, then I should buy one of those. I then said that I would be happy to post her comments and the service I have received on the internet, and she said she didn't care.

I then received an email from a lady named Rosa King. It stated: "Hi ___ my name is Rosa King I work for HP Customer Care. I need your correct address in order to send you your computer. I left a message on your telephone. Please e-mail or telephone me back." I did not have a message on my telephone, but the address to send my computer to was in the file and in the box. I called her back. Once again she asked for my address. I told her it accompanied the repair and was in their file. I asked why she was sending me the computer? Had it gone to repair yet? She stated she needed to check. She saw that it had not gone to repair, so I told her that is the address she should be sending it to...

I then called Executive Customer Relations again to report this frustrating experience and the customer service experience I had with Jean. I spoke to a nice young man who was obviously being trained. I heard the woman in the background prompting him on what to say. He said he has noted the account and I should be receiving a call back with the status of the computer and my concerns. Never received it. I did receive aa auto-generated email stating that my computer had been received and it would be back to me on August 2nd.

Today, July 30th, I received another auto-generated email stating my repair had been delayed. No date given for the time my computer would be returned. I once again called my case manager - Jean. She stated she did not know why I received this email, she still had the date as the 2nd and this must be just acknowledging that they received the computer. I told her this was from another email address, I had already received an email with that information and this was clearly stating my computer was delayed. "We apologize for the possible delay in delivery of your service; however, we are diligently working on expediting your order." She did not check on why this was sent nor offer to. I asked her when will I know if my computer was delayed. She told me I would know on the 2nd - the day I am supposed to receive the computer!!! I told her that this was very inefficient. She became very rude and once again would not give me any information. I told her I would call Executive Customer Service again as I already had in the past, because she is not a good customer service representative. A customer service representative should never speak to customers in the manner she speaks to them. She told me that she didn't care if I call and it didn't bother her. I then said that I would also post it on the internet. She said she loves it when people do that and she could care less. AWFUL WOMAN! Didn't try to help and then acted like this? HP should realize that this woman does not care about the HP reputation, just her paycheck.

I then called Executive Customer Relations again. I spoke to Tina. She asked my case # and why I was calling them. She wanted to know the whole story again - so I guess it was never documented. She was not too patient, not very friendly and not willing to do much of anything. I asked to speak to a manager, but she was supposedly the only one there at that time because it was 7 AM PST. It was obviously later since I am CST. She stated she would send the information to Jean's manager. I made it very clear that I wanted to know when my computer was going to be ready and I wanted a manager to call me back ASAP. I am still waiting...

I wish I could get my money back and be on my way! I can't stand these people or their product!

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  • Je
      9th of Aug, 2007
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    I myself have been given the same run around by this company. I owned my computer for 36 days. Bought it 6-6-07 and it was completely useless on 7-12-07. It is now 8-9-07 and I still do not have my computer in my hands, a new computer, or my money back. It is smoke screen after smoke screen. There should be a class-action law suit against this company. Please email the Federal Trade Commission, bureau of consumer affairs, they will email you information on your rights to a full refund and add HP to their list of companies to investigate. Please do this, the more people who do, the better. Next time you talk to your 'case manager' - tell them you want a refund of your money NOW and it is your right to get it... don't take 'no' for an answer. Good Luck to you - I am still fighting!!

  • Lu
      30th of Aug, 2007
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    I purchased a DV6225US from Office Depot in February of 2007 when they and HP (Huge Pile) had some deep discounts via rebates ($300in all). Regardless of the price, by 02/28/2007 the unit was useless, a VERY expensive boat anchor. I tried to get my $ back from Oriface Depot who said "since the rebate has been processed we cannot give you a refund, contact HP." I contacted HP the same day spoke to some useless body in India then was escalated to a "Floor Supervisor." Eventually I too got a chance to speak with BOB in the "Executive Customer Relations" dept. BOB referred my problem to a "Case Manager" named Tom who called me the same day. After much ranting about the uselessness of my VISTA HOME PREMIUM loaded HP DV6225US, I was placated with an escalated warranty + accidental replacement insurance policy valid until 02/2009 (yay, the thought of dealing with the dolts at HP for another 2 years makes my rectum pucker). So now my notebook has a crappy OS (VISTA HOME PREMIUM) that is compatible with nothing, the LCD goes white then shades of gray, it shuts off intermittently, freezes, the battery holds an intermittent charge, does NOT recognize any USB devices (not even an HP digital camera - HP Photosmart E317), and the thing over heats - touch pad and ballast/power adapter. Now comes the fun part:

    08/23/2007 - Called tt Customer (DIS)Service Rep who was rude and unhelpful. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he put me on hold (terminal ignore). After 20 minutes on hold, "John" the "Floor Supervisor referred my case to the "Case Management Department" with the comment that "a case manager will cal you back in 1 to 3 business days, your case # is 7342469***..."

    08/24/2007 - Desomnd, my "Case Manager" calls back on my cell #. He asks me to explain for a third time what issues I'm now experiencing so I told him. I then asked for an Return Merchandise Authorization # (RMA). He retorted "oh, we don't replace defective units we only repair them as your warranty only covers repairs..." I asked him to look again as I was confident that he was mistaken. Desmond became unreasonable at this point and told me that he was the "end all be all of this case," that he was the last person in line to whom I could speak of this matter and that he would ONLY authorize a repair order. He proceeded to give me a "Repair order #KMT4**-**" that would generate a fed-ex box to be sent and into which I was to pack my HPDV6225US then send it to HP. I explained to Desmond that I would be in contact regarding an RMA and that our conversation would NOT be the last on this matter.

    08/24/2007 - researched my initial call on 02/28/2007 to find that I did indeed have "Accidental Replacement Warranty" coverage to REPLACE my HP DV625US notebook until 02/2009 according to "Case Manager," Tom.

    08/24/2007 1450H PST - Call back to case manager department number given by Desmond 1 (877) 917-4380 x94 to discuss the FACT that I have "Accidental Replacement Warranty" coverage to REPLACE my HP DV625US notebook until 02/2009..." I got the general voice mail box asking me to leave a message only to then have it tell me "the nail box is full."

    08/24/2007 1530H PST - Call to "Executive Customer Relations" 1 (650) 857-7177, since it had worked to light the proverbial fire once before on 02/28/2007. I spoke to a very pleasant woman named Ana, who asked and listened to my complaints then requested my "Repair Order #" -AND- "Extended Warranty/Accidental Replacement Insurance #" to ensure that the case manager could cross reference them. Ana then proceeded to state "now that I have all of this information documented, I will send it over to your case manager, Desmond, and he will call you back in 24 - 48 hours.


    08/27/2007 - NO CALL or EMAIL FROM DESMOND nor any HP representative. I called Case Manager line and received the voice mail which was full. Unable to leave a message I called back to the "Executive Customer Relations" line and spoke with Bea. Another pleasant woman who listened intently then said "I will have your case manager call back within 24 - 48 hours and have them cross reference your repair order and warranty status..."


    08/30/2007 (TODAY) 0900H PST - NO CALL or EMAIL FROM DESMOND nor any HP representative. Call to Case Manager line 1 (877) 917-4380 x94 and was FINALLY able to leave a brief message (no live body though).

    08/30/2007 0915H PST - Call to "Executive Customer Relations" 1 (650) 857-7177 spoke with Holly, explained that it has be 6 days since I first spoke to Ana who assured me that my case manager, Desmond, would call me back within 24 - 48 hours. Holly said that she would personally forward my complaint an issues to HER manager in the "Executive Customer Relations" and to Desmond's manager (keep in mind that Desmond stated he was the "end of the line" in his department). Holly gave no promise as to a time/date when I could expect a call back from any HP rep. I ended our call stating that my expectation was to speak with her or Desmond's manager today even if it is the Director or even VP of Customer Relations that had to get on the phone to call me back. Holly placated me by saying "I'll do my best to see that your expectations are met.

    08/30/2007 1650H PST - Alas, another call to "Executive Customer Relations" 1 (650) 857-7177 and I had the displeasure of speaking to the dreaded JEAN!!! What a dour and disrespectful person (I chose NOT to call her a woman purposely). Jean listened to me for about two minutes before jumping in with her comments. Ultimately she said "I can waste more time listening to your problems OR escalate this matter AGAIN to one of the managers here and the Case Manager department, which would you like me to do?" I asked "what does escalating mean and how does it get a call to me from YOUR manager???" I then demanded that she let me speak to her supervisor to which she said "it's now after 5PM and there's no one here but me, I'm the one you got so it's my way or no way!" I then stated "since you're obviously a waste of time, I'll call back tomorrow and speak to your supervisor or better yet, I'll come on over to the "Executive Customer Relations" office here in Silicon Valley and request a personal audience with you AND your manager, would that help with your attitude?" She then said "I'll just escalate this ok?" After another round of "what does escalate mean/do," she got exasperated and said "just call in again tomorrow..." I said "thank you for wasting my time, talk to you manaña" and hung-up.


  • Al
      21st of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    My HP Dv6285eu note book is a pain in the x, it would help if the support people could speak English. I have spent hours in the phone, explained the same things repeatedly, been passed around departments, received conflicting information. I am going back to dell.


  • Ro
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    I am truly sorry I bought Pavillon 9000 with Msft Vista Home Premium OS. since purchased in March '07 I have a blue screen disaster and 6 or 7 minor problems. Each time I was referred to people in India for resolution. Of course between poor reception and difficulty in unscrambling their accents it was usually a very exhausting experience. And ,of course, there were many times when your expert had to refer to an associate had to put you on hold while they did not know to proceed. My most recent experience had me on the phone for almost 2 hours. No luck they could not get ,e connected to the internet, which was my problem. My computer was cleared out and I was told that that should do the trick. WRONG! THEN I WAS TOLD THEY WOULD SEND ME A BOX TO PACK UP MY PAVILION 9000 AND SHIP BACK TO A SERVICE CENTER FOR REPAIR OF MY INTERNAL WIRELESS CONNECTOR WHICH SHOULD SOLVE EVERYTHING BECAUSE THAT IS THE PROBLEM. I decided to try one last option. I called my ISP, Verizon. In about three minuted they listened and after another 2 minutes they had me connected! The next morning I was again UNCONNECTED but remembering what my Verizon rep had done, I DID IT! I AM CONVINCED THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE UNIT, BUT REALLY IT IS A CUSTOMER DISSERVICE UNIT. WHY DID I LEAVE APPLE? I KNOW: FOR A LOUSY 4 INCH CRT AND A FEW HUNDRED BUCKS!!! DUMB ME!!!

  • Un
      13th of Apr, 2008
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    It is very sad to read your story and those from comments posted to your story. I too have had a very similar experience with HP. I just wish I had researched customer feedback on HP before my purchase. But I appreciate all those who now take the time to post their feedback on the web. Hopefully we can help prevent an unsuspecting customer from getting into our painful situations in the future. I know I'll never buy an HP product again.

    Another aspect of all our painful experiences that I don't see on the web is how much more visible to our friends & family it is that HP has unreliable products and even worse customer service. I know all my friends, family & co-workers are absolutely appauled that HP has not replaced my PC even though my PC died 4 months ago!

  • De
      18th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I wish I had never bought ANYTHING from HP.
    Thank God that through my work I meet hundreds of people EVERY day and am able to bore them with my HP horror stories.
    The way I see it is if only ONE person that I tell takes notice of me then that is one less person who will buy anything from HP.
    I won't bore you with all the details, let's just say that thanks to HP's "customer care" (now that is an oxymoron!!) I have travelled all around the world, Australia, Mexice, Costa Rica, Brazil, Pakistain, India and of course (just the once) USA.
    All I have got so far, in my search for a replacement graphics card, whilst still under warranty, is lies, broken promises, "It's not my department", "You are thru to the wrong department" more broken promises and more lies.
    Would I ever buy ANYTHING from HP again?
    Yes, as soon as they start a Hockey league where the Devil lives.
    Would I ever reccomend HP to anyone?
    Yes, but I would have to REALLY hate them first.
    Let's just tell as many people as we can what a bunch of ###s they are at HP and hopefully enough people will get the message and they will end up where they deserve, in chapter 11.

  • Da
      29th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    they sold me a product which hp themself couldn`t provide me the photosmart 59 ink catridge.

  • An
      6th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I wish I would have read these comments before purchasing one of their products. We had hardware failure within 3 days of the purchase. We are still trying to get some form of customer service after spending many hours on the phone with HP. We spoke to 'Sindie' when we asked for her employee ID and Last name she said she had none. Apparently Sindie is the Madonna of India. We were told that we probably had hardware failure for hooking up a printer (an HP printer). I am amazed that a company with such a huge name can continue to do business while providing NO service to the customer.

  • Ta
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    I purchased a HP Pavilion Laptop in May 2008. I returned for service in June for excessive overheating. I was told it would take 7-10 business days. Around the 10th day, I received an email AND phone message that due to huge demand, the part they need to replace has been backordered and they hoped to have it returned soon. 6 weeks later, it was returned without the adapter/power cord. I contacted my case manager, Jeanine Gabriel, whose attitude was very poor and rude. She first argued that she couldn't send a replacement for the adapter/power cord that was neglected to be returned from her warranty department. When I told her that I couldn't evaluate the service repair until I received a replacement cord because my laptop battery was low, she changed her decision and sent me a new cord. I received it 3 days later. Upon evaluating the repair, I found that the excessive overheating problem seemed to be corrected, however, there were new problems with the hardware and poor performance. I called Jeanine Gabriel to let her know my displeasure. Her attitude again was very poor and she stated that she couldn’t help me that I had to contact technical support again. I told her that was unacceptable. I had sent the notebook in for service according to my warranty and HP returned it in poor condition. She then issued a new order for me to send the laptop in to be repaired again.

    This time, my laptop was returned within the 7 – 10 business days. The hardware problem was corrected, but I was receiving installation errors using Windows Update and the performance was still sluggish. I was able to install the updates manually and it seemed to help the performance a little, but I still wasn’t satisfied.

    Jeanine Gabriel called to follow-up on the 2nd repair. When I explained that I was still unsatisfied, she advised that there is nothing more that she or HP can do for me and that there is no one else to talk to about my complaint because she was my last line of contact at HP. When I told her that I wasn’t happy with her answer, and that I would post my horrible experience with her and HP on the Internet, she told me she didn’t care. Horrible customer relations and HP should be ashamed of their business practices. I’ll never buy another HP product again!!!

  • Ca
      17th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I too am having problems with my HP media centre PC purchased in 2007. The best thing about the purchase was Best Buy's extended warranty which has saved my butt. After my third repair involving my second hard drive replacement, I wrote to the CEO of HP and the CEO in my country.

    CEO's set the policy. CEO's also tend to live in a bubble. Since this is a corporate problem, I am going to annoy the bosses. The employees can do very little. I am going to be very persistent about this.

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