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Hewlett Packard / deceptive customer service practices

1 United States

I am writing to address an instance of deceit and ethics violations by HP Technical Support. My fiasco with HP technical support and customer service began on 1/18/07 when I purchased an HP Pavilion Notebook dv6000 from a Circuit City in Bayshore, NY. After approximately 3 months the laptop broke. Circuit City support team deemed the problem to be the motherboard and recommended I contact the dealer to have it repaired or replaced. Upon calling technical support on 5/15/07, I spoke to a man named Mohamed who told me that since the computer would need to be replaced, I could go ahead and purchase the same, yet upgraded version, the Pavilion tx1000z, then return my original notebook and be fully refunded for the purchase price. He also told me he would extend my one year warranty, though never asserting that there would be a fee. For the record - I am still under warranty. Coincidentally, the called was “disconnected” after the sale was finalized. Calling HP back 5 more times, I was assured by every representative whom I spoke to that I would be fully refunded for the latest purchase. As a college student, my finances could never allow me to purchase two brand new laptops within a four month period.

Then, between 5/18 and 5/19 I received a "care pack" for an extended warranty (which I didn’t ask to purchase) with an invoice to a woman in Missouri (I live in NY). Calling HP back, I again attempted to describe the circumstance at hand (finding it difficult as the outsourcing to India makes representatives hard, if not impossible to understand or effectively communicate with) and had a return set up for the care pack. Though the initial return was completed, I was sent yet another care pack on 5/24 which again, I did not want. The following day I received a call from HP sales while I was not at home, asking me how te laptop, that i had not yet received, was running. I was also finally given a case manager, Susan, who stated during a conference call with supervisor Jeannine at HP Sales, that I had been “lied to by technical support so the representative could receive commission” (5/21/07 @ [protected] ext.94) She continued to inform me that the only thing she could do was fix the old notebook and give me a 3 year extended warranty on the product. Another 3 years of this disaster hardly seems a compensation. Thus, I attempted during the conference call to cancel the new purchase but was sent the product anyway. I have now spoken to three different supervisors, 5-6 different representatives, and have had to deal with receiving and returning items to Fed-Ex more times than I can count. I have been on the phone with HP everyday for 2 weeks often sitting on hold for 40 minutes at a time to only be told that he/she I am speaking to is not accountable and I have, in fact, been intentionally mislead. I have sent in my old laptop, have received the new one, yet have not been refunded and have now been told to Fed-Ex everything I have received back to HP. This experience with HP has completely shattered the company’s notion of credibility and has also violated my trust as a consumer as well as business ethics codes. I am extremely frustrated and disappointed. This situation must be fixed. In the words of manager Chris at HP Sales, "If someone promised ya something, you should get what you were promised."

*An exact copy of this letter has been sent to both the HP corporate office and Mark Hurd, CEO of Hewlett Packard. I am yet to receive word from either OR the promised credit to my account.

As a college student I simply Can Not afford this additional $1,300 and demand that someone from HP takes responsibility for the actions of multiple promises confirmed by their technical support center and provides the Pavilion tx1000z and the refund as I was originally informed they would supply.

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